I did it.  I frogged the Maidenhair Fern socks, it took me until yesterday to  it, but I got it done.  I’m thinking Fa Fa Fa socks, a free Ravelry pattern that I saw on someone’s blog last week, I need to go back and look and I will, just not today.


I spent most of the day babysitting Babydiva and loving every second.  Really, there wasn’t much to do, feed her, play with her, nap with her and it was glorious!  She takes a long afternoon nap, so after lunch, she took a nap  and so did Bela (Divadog) and I.  Don’t know how long it’s been since I took an afternoon nap, I’m usually at work and they generally frown on that sort of thing and on my days off, I’m playing catchup with the things I put off during the work week.  I could get used to naps.  Here’s a new picture of Babydiva, big smile –

See why yesterday was so fun??


It’s official – I love the silicone pans.  Love them an unhealthy amount, I think.  I (finally) got around to making the little Apple Cakes I’ve been talking about for at least a week and they turned out amazing.  When they were finished baking and cooled a little, I literally just popped them out of the pan.  Nothing stuck, they baked evenly and I’m so proud!  Here’s one for show.

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.  Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that  you, too, can become great.  Mark Twain



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