WIP Wednesday


Here is my WIP for this week.  I know it doesn’t really look like anything yet but you’ll just have to take my word for it,  it’s a Cat Hat for a baby, with little ears.  This is in anticipation of the Papoose’s new baby brother or sister, estimated arrival first week on October.

 Thanks to Adel’s Knit and Craft 2011 and Ravelry for the free pattern.


Yesterday I got my first issue of The Baking Sheet, a King Arthur Flour publication, of recipes, both sweet and savory.  One that particularly piques my interest is Coconut Coffeecake.  Oops, I forgot about the apple cakes I never got around to doing over the holiday, with the eggs that were in and out of the revolving door (seemingly) of my fridge.  Maybe by Saturday, my new silicone pans will be here.  I hope so.  I’m excited to try them out.

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Memorial Day


The blog continues to evolve and I continue to learn.  Now I’m trying different types of titles and think I like shorter, simpler ones.  They seem to work better with the new theme and fonts and feel less contrived and more natural.


I’ve set out the same two eggs a couple of times the past couple of days, each time planning on making these really cute apple cakes I got from Pinterest and every time I get distracted by something or another.  Since I have to go back to work tomorrow, it will be Friday before I get a chance to make them.  On the other hand, my sourdough is rising and I’ll be able to let them bake while I’m getting ready for work in the morning and we’ll have fresh bread tomorrow.


Memorial Day is nearly over and neither Mr. Iknead or I want to go to work tomorrow.  It’s been such a great past four days, we did just what we wanted to do and nothing more.  Real life is calling though and like it or not, we have to answer.


Here’s a recent picture of Babydiva (aka Harper).  She’s getting chubbier every time I see her and has started to really smile and coo when we talk to her.  She is a treasure.

Harper Elizabeth

The majority of men are bundles of beginnings.  Ralph Waldo Emerson



The one where I figured out


fonts.  Really, though, I have no freakin’ idea about computer code, don’t know what it is, don’t know how to write it and honestly, I don’t want to learn.  So, I bought the WordPress Typekit and it magically worked and now I have fonts.  I like it.

In the Oven

I’m still baking like a crazy woman.  Today, it was Salted Caramel Nutella Brownies, which I pulled from, from Pinterest..  They’re the ultimate brownie, chewy, chocolately and the caramel glaze puts them completely over the top.  I was going to post a picture, but they are very gooey and haven’t been photogenic at all today, I think I’ll try heating the knife a bit next on the next try.

By the Book

My current read(s) are The Daughter’s Walk , by Jane Kirkpatrick and I am Forbidden: A Novel, by Anouk Markovits.  Both are somewhat of a departure from my usual reads, I lean more toward nonfiction, but these books just may change my reading habits a little.  These are going to be repeaters, I think.

The Papoose

Here’s Susannah blowing out her  birthday candles last weekend, from a bakery in Fayetteville called Rick’s.  It was as pretty as it was delicious and she got both of them on her first try!


OK, so the fonts aren’t perfect, but I’m learning.

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The one where I start to tweak

my blog a little bit.  It had become a little bit stale (to me) and after browsing other blogs and looking at different layouts, I decided to try a new one on for size.  I like the idea of headings, so I’m going to take test drive that too.

On The Needles

Still working on Maidenhair Fern socks, I’m nearly finished with the first sock, about an inch from starting to decrease for the toe.  Is it just me or does any other knitter feel like the last few inches on a project seem to last forever and just when project burnout is threatening, all of a sudden, the magic row appears and that particular part or project is finished.  Is it some sort of tear in the space time continuum or something?

The Papoose

Susannah and family celebrated her second birthday a week ago last Saturday (again with the space time continuum, I swear it was just last month that we were relearning the art of baby swaddling and burping) and a good time was had by all.  Four two year old girls, two wading pools, a picnic and a birthday cake sounds like a recipe for disaster, but everybody played nice and left smiling.


 Susannah Grace

OK, this is about all the tweak I can handle today.  Tomorrow, fonts (but I have to read up on them first).

I have learned that to be with those I like is enough.  Walt Whitman




The one where I found

a pinafore that I had cross stitched years ago for my daughter and had completely forgotten about.  I suppose I had given it to my mom for her to store in her cedar chest or something.  Anyway, like I said, I had completely forgotten about it; but immediately remembered it when I unearthed it going through things at my mom and dad’s house.  I brought it home, gave it a gentle wash and iron and here it is:


Here’s a little more detail –


I’ll cross stitch Susannah’s name underneath her mama’s name to pass it down, then when it’s Harper’s turn, I’ll add her name, starting the tradition of handing it down through the baby girls in the family.  Now, I have to come up with a tradition for the little boys who come along, all in the spirit of even handedness.  Any ideas?

The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.  Bertrand Russell




The one where the Leaf

Lace Socks are ongoing and are my WIP again for this week.  See?

One more repeat of the pattern for the leg, then on to the heel flap!

Please excuse, I need a poor little me moment.  Started with a sore tooth yesterday and this morning got up with a chipmunk cheek on the left and more pain.  Will call dentist as soon as his office opens today.  Oh, you poor baby!  There, I feel better.

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