Road Trip


Babydiva, Babymama and I are taking a road trip to Fayetteville to see the Papoose and family, to help amuse the Papoose while her mama is busy packing and sorting.  The plan at this moment is for us to leave for F’ville right after Babydiva’s morning feeding, hoping that she will take her usual nap while in the car, trying very hard to keep her regular schedule.  Yeah, yeah, the best laid plans and all, but 100% achievable I’m convinced.  For this very first girly road trip, Babydiva has splurged on a new bathing suit, modeled below.  She is really playing the diva on this one.


I usually try to stay at least a little monogymous with my projects but at the moment I have a pair of socks,  a baby hat, a French Market Basket that has to be felted and a lacy wrap for when my arms get a little chilly, in church for example.  All going right along.  Sorry for no pics, in Fayetteville, strange computer and all, I just don’t want to spend time figuring out how to post them.

ON THE ROAD (continued)

Babydive was a great passenger.  We made one bathroom stop and we were quickly back on the road.  The eat/sleep plan worked like a charm.

OK, this unfamiliar keyboard is giving me fits, I’m wrapping it up quickly.  Tomorrow, there will be pictures.

Any activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better.  John Updike