The Maidenhair Fern socks have been have been in time out for a week or so; I decided to try the first one on and it is enormous.  Enormous as in two feet at the same time.  You know that little voice inside your head (in mine at least) that always tries to give a heads up when something is going off track?  I finally decided to give it a short listen and by golly, these socks are way, way too big for me; so big that I know of no one that they would fit.   Now, should I frog or go around staring at people’s feet, hoping I’ll find a match, sort of like Cinderella?  I offered them to Mr. Iknead, but he says the yarn is too “girly” (it’s teal, pink and purple).


Here’s the latest pic of the Papoose at the pool.  Did I mention that she looooves the water?


Look!  My fancy new silicone pans are here!  I’m totally making the cute apple cakes Friday.  I love them and think they’re very photogenic!

What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.  Joseph Addison



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