The one about my FO

Friday project.  Yes, I’m back and here it is:



These are the HelloYarns Cable Twist Socks, done up in Shibui Sock, colorway Finch.  Thanks to Mr. Iknead for nice pictures with his fancy new camera.  I’ve never had yellow socks before.  Turned out nicely, I think.

Just cast on a pair for Mr. Iknead today, Nicole Okun’s Farrow Rib Socks, in Patons Kroy Sock FX, in Cadet colors.  I’ll try to prevail upon Mr. Iknead again to get pictures, shouldn’t been difficult, he loves his new camera.

Good, productive day today.  Cast on new sock project, made a meeting, visited my mom and tried my hand at making scones – cinnamon raisin to be exact.  I’ve wanted to try my hand at scones for a while and today, I found a recipe, printed it and made them.  They smell heavenly.  I really want to sample, but I’m trying to wait until I get a picture first.  I love it when a plan comes together!

No artist is ahead of his time.  He is his time.  It is just that the others are behind the time.  Martha Graham




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