The one where I have a 100% authentic

omgdidisaythatoutloud moment and for the record, yes, I did say it out loud.  Here’s a little backstory:  There’s this guy who works out in the same gym as I do and usually about the same time.  In the past few weeks, he’s started making this really odd noise, sort of a moan/singing/grunting sound and loud.  Loud as in I can hear him from across the room, over the other conversations and the TV and over my ipod blasting.  I’ve tried polite looks, more pointed looks and outright irritated stares, he’s oblivious.  So, he climbed on the treadmill next to me yesterday and out of my mouth popped “If you’re going to use that treadmill next to me, you’re going to have to keep your voice a little quieter.”  I can’t believe I really said that; I’d been thinking it, but crap, it just came out.  That was my OMG moment.  I immediately started apologizing profusely and did my best to laugh it off, saying I had no idea he was a singer, hahaha.  Open mouth, insert foot.  Off the chart embarrassment.  Please let him not be there today, pleasepleaseplease.

I’m nearly finished with the first of Mr. Iknead’s new pair of socks.  He’s anxiously awaiting but as mild a winter as Arkansas has had this year, he’s not going to need them.  It’s 8:49 pm and the temp is 66 degrees F. and stormy.

I’ve been working on Debbie Bliss’ Bunny Booties for the new baby due to arrive in March.  All that’s left to do is sew the ears on and embroider their faces.  Entirely too, too sweet.  I’ll get a picture up in the next week or so.

Here’s a new installation of Miss Susannah.  Pretty cute herself I think.062

One meets his destiny often in the road he takes to avoid it.  French proverb