The one where the pressure

is off re: Snowmaggeddon.  It started snowing about 7 a.m. today and snowed hard for a solid ten hours.  Mr. Iknead measured it about 4 p.m. and according to his ruler, we had about seven inches.  Needless to say, life as we know it has come to a (temporary) skidding halt and will probably stay that way through tomorrow.  Here’s what happened at my house today:  I baked another Topsy Turvy Apple pie and have nearly finished the Quickset socks;  I decided to kill two birds with one stone with the photo today –

and made a pot of baked potato soup.  Very good on this cold, snowy day. 

I took these pictures looking out the front door about 10 a.m.  Amazing –

Hide not your talents, they for use were made.  What’s a sundial in the shade?  Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790).



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