The one where she gets started

on the Wollmeise Socks.  Now that I’m a few rounds in, the size 0 needles are way too small for the yarn, it’s way too tight.  Dang it – once again the ball band is MIA.  I know I made a conscious decision to put in in the knitting bag with the just started socks, and now, of course, it’s missing.  Seriously.  Or maybe not, since I found it.  Must quickly get yarn info posted before it has another chance to get loose.  It’s Omega Sinfonia, 100% mercerized cotton, Matizado Azules.  Maybe someone can translate that for me, I think it’s probably Spanish. 

OK, here’s my WIP Wednesday, as usual, better late than never –

Again, it’s the Wollmeise Socks from Loopy Ewe.  I frogged the tiny bit that I’d done yesterday and started over with 1.5 needles.  Much better, but the cotton having no “give”, it’s little harder on my hands. 

The Papoose has an ear infection.  She started running a fever yesterday afternoon and just not acting her usual, happy self so Lindsey took her in to the Dr. today.  Got amoxicillin (what we always call the pink stuff) and should be feeling better by tomorrow a.m.  Poor baby.

Abundance is, in large part, an attitude.  Sue Patton Thoele