The one where Snowmaggedon

is predicted.  OK, Arkansas has had more snow in the past two weeks than the years previous.  I get that compared to someplace like Minnesota, Maine, Canada, etc., we’ve not had even a drop in the bucket.  I get that, but, since this is Arkansas and all the weather guy has to say is maybe, possibly or, could but probably won’t, everyone and their dog decides that They Must Go To The Grocery Store Immediately, If Not Sooner and they don’t dare take a chance on running out of frozen pizza, ice cream, chips or any other junk food items even for a few hours.  So, it’s been forecast that “Snowmaggedon” will arrive sometime Tuesday, my grocery list has already been started and I’m debating whether to try to beat the crowd and go tonight after work or take a chance and wait until tomorrow.  Flip a coin.

I caved and went to the store after work.  Had to get butter, eggs, cream cheese, bacon, health food you know.  Now they’re predicting 8+ inches for us.  Wow.

I picked up a pair of socks that I tossed aside about six months ago when my head was turned by a cuter pattern and prettier yarn, but unearthed the sock project accidently.  The pattern is Quickset Socks by Megan Marshall and who knows about the yarn.  That wasn’t unearthed during my initial wip excavation.  If I find it, I’ll post it.  Here’s the stitch detail –

Machines take me by surprise with great frequency.  Alan Turing (1912 – 1954)