Winding Down/Looking Back/Moving Forward


Here are the promised photos of the grands.  I hadn’t forgotten to post, in fact, I thought about it a lot, several times a day but was just too freakin’ lazy to put down my knitting, get up out of my comfy, warm by the fire chair and log on.  I kept telling myself that “no I’m not procrastinating, I’m building anticipation”.  See, I can rationalize anything.


Babymama, Babydaddy, Bigmommy and Bigdaddy conspired, booked a photographer and surprised Mr. Iknead and me with a words fail me photo collage of the grands.  Here are just a few of the pics.  Get ready, you might not be able to handle the sweetness –

Left to Right – Annabelle, Susannah and Harper

Harper in Charge

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Every Day Should Be Christmas

And one more just because I love the excitement and innocence captured.  They look like they’ve seen Santa!

Do You See What I See???

Told ya they were amazing, beautiful and sweet.


The Zigzag Lace socks are toast.  Finished the first sock, decided I didn’t like it and that life’s too short to knit something that I didn’t love, frogged it and started over with the Catnip Sock pattern.  Much, much better.  No documentation yet, probably for WIP Wednesday.  Second first sock completed, first second sock started.


I have a couple, one of which is to deliberately set aside 30 minutes a couple of mornings a week for blog housekeeping and updating and Ravelry following.  Funny, I thought when I retired, I’d be doing a lot more of each but I’ve found that not to be the case, probably because I’m not sitting at a computer all day.  I have a few more possible resolutions, I’ll share after I put the finishing touches on them.  Maybe I should call the goals instead of resolutions.  Hmmmm.

What are your goals/resolutions?

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, And the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness never decreases by being shared.  Buddha



Babies and baptisms


Mr. Iknead and I had 2/3 of the grands in house this weekend, along with Bigdaddy and Bigmommy, and it was a million things all at once – exhausting (we’re not youngsters anymore no matter what we try to make you believe), exhilirating (try not to be excited by the prospect of a walk with a two year old or snuggles with a three week old), humbling (in the face of two year old wisdom, “because I don’t want to”) and joyful (just because).  Babydiva’s baptism was last evening and she handled it with her usual diva cool, not batting an eye when Monsignor poured the water over her head.  Mr. Iknead took pictures but hasn’t uploaded them yet.  I’m moving that to the top of his to do list and hopefully, I’ll have some to show in the next day or so.  Meanwhile, here’s the Papoose and Babysis –

The Papoose



After the drama with the Pretty Maids shawl last week, I ended up completely frogging it and starting over.  I realized the first go round was a trainwreck, bit the bullet and frogged.  This time, we’re getting along much, much better.  Will get a picture tomorrow in the sunshine.








A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere.  Before him, I may think aloud.  Ralph Waldo Emerson



So I saw this bracelet in a catalog


So, I saw this bracelet in a catalog (one of about a jillion that I get) months ago and fell in love with it right away.   What I didn’t fall in love with was the price tag, $88.00 but I kept looking at it, checking to see if it had gone on sale, looking at it some more, then more checking and more looking.  Finally, last week, as I was doing more looking, one of the little voices in my head (yes, I have a committee in my head) said, “You could totally make that, you know”.  So I set about doing just that.  I’ve been playing around with jewelry making and experimenting with different things, I had a spool of waxed linen cording and little silver beads that didn’t work for another project and this is what happened:

 This one’s mine                                                                                     This one’s theirs


 Pretty good for a total investment of about five bucks and thirty minutes, wouldn’t you say?  And it fits perfectly (I have very skinny wrists).  I did good, in my never to be humble opinion.


Babydiva’s baptism is scheduled for Saturday, so we tried the family baptistmal gown on her Saturday and I’m happy to report that it’s a perfect fit; the bonnet not so much.  She’s the fourth baby to wear it.  OK, technically, she’s the third since her dad, Babydaddy, couldn’t squeeze into it when he was her age.  But, he did have it on for a minute or so, so I’m counting that as a wearing.  If I remember correctly, he was very, very bad tempered about trying it on, too.  Isn’t she a beauty??


Babydiva AKA Harper


Am reading American Passage , a history of Ellis Island, which has always fascinated me and on my Nook, Killer Photos with Your iPhone.  I’ve pretty much quit using anything but my phone to take pictures, this book has already taught me a lot, both how to set up a good photo and how to use my iPhone and its features to make pictures.  Hopefully my pics will improve the more I learn.  I’m ashamed to admit that I had to ask Mr. Iknead what kind of phone I have, 3G? 3GS?  It’s a 4.  Learn something new every day.

Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade.  It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.  Abbie Hoffman


Enter Annabelle Kate


Yes, babywatch has wound down and we welcomed Miss Annabelle Kate this morning at 10:59 a.m., weighing in at 7 pounds, 14 Ounces and 19 inches long.  She has all the deluxe equipment, ten fingers, ten toes and a headful of thick, black hair.  She’s beautiful (of course), is already nursing like a champ and seems to have it all under control.  The Papoose is excited to be a big sister and has been practicing on Babydiva today.  A  perfectly wonderful day.  Bigmama is no longer big, probably Mediummama for now, and is recovering well from this mornings c-section.

See what I mean by the hair?

PawPaw and Annabelle

I’m going to try my hardest to get more pics tomorrow and get them posted.  She’s precious and I’m very excited to start getting to know this little one.  Life is good.


Dropsy scarf is coming right along, not much done on it for obvious reasons.  I’ll get a picture of it and the Bonfire shawl that I started yesterday.  I think they’re both coming along nicely.

Life is an echo.   What you send out–you get back.  What you give–you get.  Anonymous



A Brisket, A Tasket


At last week’s grocery store outing, on a whim I decided to try out a precooked smoked brisket, one of those that just has to be heated, and I’m here to tell you, it. was. awesome.  Yeah, this is definitely on the Coleman Kitchen Hit Parade.  I’ve been making sandwiches for work all week and it’s so good!  I wish I’d tried it sooner, and it doesn’t get much easier than this.


The fam descended upon Stuttgart on Saturday and the Papoose was so proud to show off her new big girl bed and her newfound (sometimes) potty skills.  I especially like that she can inspect her toes and potty at the same time.  A born multitasker just like her bebe.



More toe action.


Babydiva has just discovered her feet and toes.


I’m still plugging along on the Crazy Monkeys, with one sock complete and about 1/3 of the way finished on its mate.   I caved and went to my lys and splurged on  some new yarn, enough for my newest, soon to be started project, Bauble, a First Fall Surprise from Knitty. Two skeins gray and totally out of character for me, two skeins of an orangy, makes you think of Thanksgiving, brown and gold mix.  Now, I don’t like orange, I don’t wear orange, I look like I have jaundice when I wear orange, but all the same, it called to me and I marched up to the counter with two skeins of it, deciding to think out of the box a little when it comes to color.  I’ll get pictures tonight. 

Here are the photos I promised –


Told you it was orange


Colorways and dye lots are posted on Flickr in my notebook.

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.  John Kenneth Galbraith






Still slogging through Steve Jobs, finishing it come hell or high water.  It’s been a very long listen, I think I’m just ready for something new.  Before I started the Jobs book, I reread King’s Dark Tower series and like always, I’m mesmerized by the story.  Maybe I’m just having a problem switching from fiction to nonfiction.


Guilty as Charged


I’m coming clean – I’ve been way wwwaaayyy too involved with the Olympics, to the point of letting a few things slide, always thinking “as soon as the next commercial, I’m getting started on ________________.”  One of the things that I’ve gotten behind on is this blog.  So, I’ve admitted that I have a problem and that’s the first step to fixing something, right?


I finished that 9 to 5 socks last week without a clear cut next up in the queue project and was doing that thing that I do when I’m at loose ends (is this a pun?) and just don’t know what to pick up next – the rummaging around in my stash, lots of heavy sighs and picking up years abandoned WIPs and tossing them aside, spending more time that I should cruising Ravelry looking at patterns and making promises to yarn and old projects that I have no intention of keeping.  That being said, I found some really nice yarn in my stash and found a random shawlette pattern, got it going and thanks to my Olympic obsession, started the bind off last night.

Summer Flies

Holly and Ella Knits


Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette Briar

When I manage to get this project (along with Wingspan) blocked, I’ll make sure to get some close ups, Summer Flies has the sweetest picot bindoff ever.


No new pics of the Papoose, Bigmommy is too busy gestating and staying out of the over the top summer heat and Bigdaddy way busy with his new congregation, I think.  Here’s one of Babydiva that is so sweet!  Look how she has her head propped up on her little hand!!!  OMG, can’t stand it!


Nothing, nyet, nada.  Too hot.  I miss baking, might have to cave, turn the AC down to polar bear and fire up the stove, summer heat be damned!

He who hurries cannot walk with dignity.  Chinese proverb




Working 9 to 5


Actually, off the needles.  The 9 to 5 socks are finished and off the clock.  The second sock went a lot smoother than the first, I must admit.  Here they are –



I especially like the way the twist continues through the heel, these will be really nice with  some backless clogs, which I’ve just ordered from Zappos. (smile)


Here’s a new picture of the Babydiva and fam on their New Orleans trip.  Good looking family, don’t you think?

Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men for they may act their dream with open eyes and make it possible.  T. E. Lawrence


Got Back


Our trip to Stuttgart aka the Duck and Rice Capitol of the World to check out the Papoose’s new digs was amazing.  The parsonage was really nice, if a little dated, with big rooms and a great backyard, the Papoose is really loving it, lots of running room.  It’s right across the street from the church, so they can just walk over.  The congregation was very welcoming and warm and put on an awesome potluck after church.  I suppose I should mention that the church I’m going on about is Grand Avenue United Methodist, in Stuttgart, Arkansas and my best son in law, Clefton Vaughan, is the new pastor.


Susannah Grace aka the Papoose


Babydiva aka Harper with her Uncle Clefton

As usual, when we all get together (forgot to mention that Babydiva and her entourage was also there), a good time was had by all, with everyone talking at the same time, someone looking for a snack most of the time and, of course, paying homage to the Papoose and Babydiva, the prettiest and smartest girls ever.

It was hot so Mr. Iknead and the Papoose took a dip in the pool, where the Papoose made sure that her Papa was well watered, pouring water over his head from a watering can.  Cutest thing ever!


I don’t really want to talk about it, it’s painful you know, but I frogged back about four inches of heel flap and sock leg on the 9 to 5s.  I still haven’t a clue where the wheels came off, I looked and looked, and counted and counted, never figured it out.  Fresh start on the heel flap tonight after work.  Frustration doesn’t look good on me, so I hope to get it straightened out so I can move on.

Failure is instructive.  The person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.  John Dewey



Girl Power 2012

Just a quick post while the other girls are napping. Babymama, Babydiva and I just got in from a little shopping up on the square. Naturally, I ducked into Handheld and fed my addiction with some Araucania Huasco. It’s lovely and I’m thinking Wingspan shawl.

Are wonderful as always. The Papoose and Babydiva adore each other and we’ve got some really sweet pictures. Won’t even try to post them until I’m back in Little Rock.

I think it’s to be catfish but that could change at any moment. Anything but fast food.


There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. Sam Walton



Memorial Day


The blog continues to evolve and I continue to learn.  Now I’m trying different types of titles and think I like shorter, simpler ones.  They seem to work better with the new theme and fonts and feel less contrived and more natural.


I’ve set out the same two eggs a couple of times the past couple of days, each time planning on making these really cute apple cakes I got from Pinterest and every time I get distracted by something or another.  Since I have to go back to work tomorrow, it will be Friday before I get a chance to make them.  On the other hand, my sourdough is rising and I’ll be able to let them bake while I’m getting ready for work in the morning and we’ll have fresh bread tomorrow.


Memorial Day is nearly over and neither Mr. Iknead or I want to go to work tomorrow.  It’s been such a great past four days, we did just what we wanted to do and nothing more.  Real life is calling though and like it or not, we have to answer.


Here’s a recent picture of Babydiva (aka Harper).  She’s getting chubbier every time I see her and has started to really smile and coo when we talk to her.  She is a treasure.

Harper Elizabeth

The majority of men are bundles of beginnings.  Ralph Waldo Emerson



The one where we step

outside the box a little today.  We went to Mass with Babydaddy and Babymama and Harper this morning.  Been a long time since I sat through a service and I got a little squirmy, but my heart felt nourished, it was good.  We had lunch with Babymama and Babydaddy, not so relaxing, Harper wasn’t a happy camper for most of the time, but it didn’t help that the service was soooooooooo slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  Two hours from the time we sat down to the time we settled up our check.  Usually, Mr. Iknead and I would have been history had we been by ourselves, but when you’re with a group, it’s more difficult.  At least I was on my best behavior and didn’t get too bent out of shape.  Maybe the Mass was working or something.

Here’s the official first half of the Leaf Lace Socks and the beginning of the second:ial

I have no idea why I can’t rotate these pics, but in the grand scheme of things, meh.

Blessed is the man who can laugh at himself, for he will never cease to be amused.  Proverb found in many cultures



The one where I’m sure that everyone

is suffering from an overdose of my precious granddaughters, but here’s one I couldn’t not share.


How sweet is her tutu?  It was a baby shower gift and of course, I had to reverse engineer it immediately and am planning a run to Hobby Lobby to procure materials for it, for a pearl and twine bracelet I saw on Pinterest, with a quick run down the yarn aisle just to see if anything new is there, then then maybe a basket or three, and don’t forget to look for sheep related doodads and ……………….. you get the picture, don’t you.  Yes, I do love Hobby Lobby, why oh why would you ask?

Mr. Iknead and I are back home from our field trip to DeQueen and thankfully have finished the packing and moving of my mom and dad’s things since their house has been sold and we are to close on 05/02.  Other than a small meltdown Tuesday morning with some tears and sniffling every once in a while, it went very smoothly and wasn’t at all as traumatic as I thought it would be.  I think though that I really started letting go when Daddy died last July, home is supposed to be where your loved ones are and after he passed away, well, it just didn’t feel like home.  We moved my mom here to Little Rock last August so there really hasn’t been anything keeping me rooted to my hometown for quite a while.

I have no new Susannah pictures at the moment, guess I’ll have to check Lindsey’s facebook to get some new ones.  Have I mentioned that she’s talking up a storm and that she repeats everything she hears?  When she says Bebe (that’s what she calls me), I crumble.  Her second birthday is coming up May 15, can’t believe it’s been two years and now we’re looking forward to October for her new brother or sister.  My life is excellent!

The most important question in the world is, “Why is the child crying?”  Alice Walker