The one where I’m sure that everyone

is suffering from an overdose of my precious granddaughters, but here’s one I couldn’t not share.


How sweet is her tutu?  It was a baby shower gift and of course, I had to reverse engineer it immediately and am planning a run to Hobby Lobby to procure materials for it, for a pearl and twine bracelet I saw on Pinterest, with a quick run down the yarn aisle just to see if anything new is there, then then maybe a basket or three, and don’t forget to look for sheep related doodads and ……………….. you get the picture, don’t you.  Yes, I do love Hobby Lobby, why oh why would you ask?

Mr. Iknead and I are back home from our field trip to DeQueen and thankfully have finished the packing and moving of my mom and dad’s things since their house has been sold and we are to close on 05/02.  Other than a small meltdown Tuesday morning with some tears and sniffling every once in a while, it went very smoothly and wasn’t at all as traumatic as I thought it would be.  I think though that I really started letting go when Daddy died last July, home is supposed to be where your loved ones are and after he passed away, well, it just didn’t feel like home.  We moved my mom here to Little Rock last August so there really hasn’t been anything keeping me rooted to my hometown for quite a while.

I have no new Susannah pictures at the moment, guess I’ll have to check Lindsey’s facebook to get some new ones.  Have I mentioned that she’s talking up a storm and that she repeats everything she hears?  When she says Bebe (that’s what she calls me), I crumble.  Her second birthday is coming up May 15, can’t believe it’s been two years and now we’re looking forward to October for her new brother or sister.  My life is excellent!

The most important question in the world is, “Why is the child crying?”  Alice Walker



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