Finders Keepers

It’s always a pleasant surprise when I come across something totally unexpected, especially family things, things that I haven’t thought about in years and years or things that I didn’t know existed. Things that are tied to my family are infinitely precious to me, as family members are becoming few and far between as the years march on.

This desk belonged to my mom’s father, my grandfather, who passed away suddenly when my mom was about 14.

When I was cleaning it up a bit yesterday, I saw something that had slipped down into the space between the back wall and the desk top. It worked loose easily and I saw that there were two old letter openers. One looks to be made of copper with the name of a business, David G. Evans Coffee Company. Evans was my mother’s maiden name and I believe he was her father’s brother, her uncle.

Letter Opener

EST. 1858

David G. Evans Coffee Co.

Coffees, Teas, Spices & Grocers’ Sundries

St. Louis, Mo.

I feel a Google research binge coming on!

The second letter opener is just as intriguing.

Handcarved duck letter opener with very fine detail.

I think the feather detail is lovely.

The bottom of the duck is initialed D.H. 4/48(?). No doubt I’ll be glued to my ipad for a couple of days!

I love a good mystery!

Well done is better than well said. Benjamin Franklin




The much anticipated relocation of Casa Coleman has been and gone, leaving behind mountains of boxes. Who knew we had so much stuff? Mr. iKnead made the final old house to new house run about 8 o’clock last night. It could have been a bittersweet moment, leaving the old house but we were so exhausted neither of us even thought about it until this morning. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our new home, even with the box mountains and questions of “what the heck is this?” and “why did I think I needed this (fill in the blank)??


I started a new pair of Skype socks, knowing that the two row repeat pattern would be relaxing and easy to pick up and put down on short notice.

Skype Socks
Patons Kroy Socks FX
Cascade Colors


Absolutely nothing, but I have an actual pottery room, my wheel is in, the sink works and the kiln is in its place. Maybe tomorrow…….


Again. nothing. Have I mentioned that about a month ago I started quilting? Yeah, because taking up a new hobby is clearly what sane people do when undertaking a megatask with just enough spare time left over to attend to personal hygiene on a good day. 🤪🤪🤪

But, it’s all good. ❤️



Finally, An Update

I actually started this post yesterday. I promised myself that I’d get it finished and posted today. Here’s what’s happening here at Casa Coleman….

Last October, Mr. iKnead and I started thinking about downsizing, leading to lots of Zillow time and lots of exploring neighborhoods and house fantasies. In the end, we decided to take the plunge into building our dream house. The actual building of this house began in January. Today, we are two days from closing both as sellers and buyers and the anticipation is almost overwhelming.

FYI – this post becomes photo heavy right here 🙂


First step
Grandkid Approved
Getting Closer
Two Days Ago

So, that’s our journey so far. Next hurdle = Moving in!

How happy those whose walls already rise. Virgil