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I’ve been missing in action this week, due mostly to two things – an annoying upper respiratory bug that’s just severe enough that I have next to no energy for anything.  When I don’t feel like a trip to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, I’m feeling puny for sure.  The other thing is that thanks to Bigmommy, I’ve become addicted to Two Dots, playing this game instead of catching up on blogging, art journaling and the infinite number of other things I’m usually engaged in.  I did get some spinning done this week, not enough to make a dent in my spinning stash, but enough to need to ply and free up a bobbin or two.  So, in case you’re wondering, that’s what I’ve been up to.


My flowers continue to come on like gangbusters, thanks to our milder summer and Mr. Iknead’s faithful watering. I took some time last evening to take some random photos – I needed some fresh air after being inside all week nursing my cold – so I’ll share some of my favorites.

The colors on this begonia are stunning and as beautiful on the underside as on the upper, which I’d show, except Flickr is having some issues.  Apparently no one can upload photos on the planet, judging from the topics on Flickr help.

Frustrating.  I hope tomorrow it resolves.

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Mixed Media Art · The Documented Life Project

MOMM, The Documented Life Project


My Documented Life art journaling has continued, though I’ve been wrapped up in a couple of huge knitting projects, not to mention awesome family things.  There have been a couple of TDL entries that didn’t melt my butter, but they were OK and I actually started getting into them as I worked.  This week was #36 and the prompt was black and white.  Here’s my take on it –image

This is one I really wasn’t “feeling” while I worked, but I ended up loving the vintage look and the sort of restrained style.

I used black and white gesso, wallpaper look tissue paper, butterfly stamped borders, a large handwriting stamp, white stamp ink and a picture of the Eiffel Tower.  It has a old fashioned travelogue vibe, don’t you think?


I enjoyed the black and white so much, I did one on my own –


Black Gesso

White Gelly Roll pen

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