Home Again, Curious George’s Big Adventure, Beach Beauties


Mr. Iknead and I are safely home after an absolutely heavenly week at Grayton Beach, FL.  Bigmommy’s in-laws have an amazing beach house there and are more than generous about letting us use it.  We had a crowd this year, a total of 11 family members, including our newest grandangel, Charlee, eight weeks.  If she had more fine motor control, I know she’d give our trip two thumbs up.  Since she hasn’t yet quite mastered that, we have to settle for the sweetest smile on the planet.



As wonderful as our Florida week was, there really is no place like home.  It felt like we had been away for a month instead of just a week.  We arrived home in time to spring Josie from The Pet Palace; I missed her so much!  I think she was happy to be home, too.  She’s no worse for the wear and they said she did just fine, but I still hate to leave her anywhere.

All our chicks are back in their respective nests (we left a day before they did) and I can breathe a sigh of relief.  I just can’t completely relax until I know all are home, safe and sound.


On one of my morning walks, I came across this little guy lying on the side of the road.  I bet a little one dropped him without noticing.  I picked him up and sat him on a sign post; I hope he was found before a naptime/bedtime crisis.  When I went back and checked on him, he was gone, so maybe his adventure was shortlived.  Loveys are SO important!


Gal pals Aunt Katie and the Sprout

More photos to follow!

Kind words will unlock an iron door.  Turkish Proverb



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