Maybe A Change?


I have a hair appointment this morning and have been thinking about letting my hair just go its natural color.  My hair is naturally blonde , but as I’ve aged, it has darkened a little, with some gray coming in.  I’ve been having blonder highlights put in, mostly to brighten it up.  It seems very mousy and drab without at least a little help and I’ve been seeing posts about women letting their hair go naturally gray or silver and I have to say – I like the look.  So, I’m going to talk to my hairdresser this a.m. and who knows, I may walk out a silver fox rather than a golden girl.  As an aside, I literally grew up in what was called back then, a beauty shop (three of my mother’s five sisters were what was called back then, beauty operators) so changing styles, color or texture has never intimidated me.  I’m thinking something like this:

Or this

I’m really loving this more natural look.  I may have a surprise come this afternoon.  Oh, here’s my hair right now.

Getting a little pumped, even as we speak!

Trust your hunches.  They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.  Joyce Brothers



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