Spinning Sunday


I was finally able to spend some time on my new blending board this past week.  I’d been saving roving scraps for a while, not because I had plans for them, but because someday I might have a use for them.  They were perfect practice bits and here’s what they became:

My First Rolags


Not very pretty, but I’m itching to spin them.  This will be anther first, I’ve never spun from a rolag.


For some reason I’ve gotten into the habit of doing my wool dyeing on Sundays.  I have really nice Rambouillet wool that’s already carded and I have some green acid fast dye that I’ve not done anything with.  Tomorrow will be more or less a dye experiment.  Since my first attempt at space dyeing was a complete flop, I may give it another try, but then, again, I may just use the old drop it into the dye and don’t move it around too much method.  That technique seems to work best for me. Results to follow…..

No one has ever become poor by giving.  Anne Frank



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