Meet Me In St. Louis

This is the post that apparently was published in an alternate universe yesterday.  Don’t know what happened to the original.


Everyone made it safely to St. Louis – just in time for some bad weather – hail, torrential rain and high winds/tornados. We spent a little time down in the basement when the tornado got a little too close for comfort. Mr. Iknead’s new car fared pretty well during the hail, a couple of minor dings, one on the hood and one on the top.  I think we got off easy – it could have been much worse.

It was so good to be with everyone, watching all the little girls giggle and play. We marveled at how much everyone’s grown and were been introduced to Baby Carter, the newest leaf on our family tree.

Babymama spends some QT with Carter

We went to The Magic House and the Zoo.  Little niece Marin had a mishap at The Magic House with this resulting pretty blue cast on her leg.  Her doc couldn’t pinpoint a fracture on x-ray since two year olds still have so much cartilage, but just to be on the safe side, he recommended the cast.  Poor baby!

For the record, I didn’t hear this kid complain once – at all, about anything, before or after her adventures in casting.  We should all be so cool, calm and collected.  Marin, you’re awesome!

Lunch at the Zoo with Sprout

Art with Cousins

The young lovelies in this photo are, left to right,

Babydiva aka Harper

Papoose aka Susannah



Another Cousin, Lila, at the Zoo

Mr. Iknead: Truly a Wild and Crazy Guy

Dad Jason, Mom Julia and daughter, Mollie at the Zoo


Sprout and Me at the Zoo

More pics to come.  Stay tuned!

Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.  Leonardo da Vinci