Play On, An Honor and Mad As A Hornet


I had the privilege of staying with my sweet grand, Babydiva, while her mommy was on a girl’s trip and her daddy was, sadly, being there for his best friend and brother of the heart while his father was fighting his final battle with cancer. Having lost my father a year ago in July, I know too well how difficult these final struggles are. Joe, you’ve been such a special person to Jordan, first as a teacher and mentor and then as a colleague over the years.  Thank you for your guidance, caring and sharing.  It’s been an honor.

Play On, Joe.  We’ll Miss You!

Jordan and Joe

Teacher, Friend, Mentor, Colleague


The Papoose and the Sprout

I couldn’t resist sharing this.  The Papoose’s smile makes me wonder what’s going on with her other hand, could there be a pinch involved somewhere??  Really, though, I think it’s just the Sprout’s temper showing.  Still…..

Age is no guarantee of maturity.  Lawana Blackwell



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