Late Start


I’m getting a late start on blogging/computer housekeeping today, usually by this time I’ve blogged, cleaned out my inbox, answered e-mail, peeked in on what what’s going on with Rav, oohed and ahhed over the Friday FOs and moved on to thinking about dinner, maybe baking a little, knitting and reading and doing the straightening up that never seems to be quite finished around our house.  Not today.  Thinking about dinner has been accomplished, with chicken thawing, a couple of loads of laundry is in process and I just measured my newest on the needles project at a good, honest (no stretching allowed) 12 inches, a good start on a pattern that starts out with 16 inches of knitting in pattern.


I’m now 17 days out from my surgery and continue to feel a little better every day.  I’d been missing my daily walks with Josie and decided to start back yesterday morning.  We (Josie and I) walked to the post office, probably about a half mile round trip and probably since my speed is a lot slower than usual, I spotted some springy goodness along the way.  Can spring be too far off?

I have an appointment Monday morning with my surgeon and am very hopeful he’ll release me to drive then.  I’m beginning to get a little stir crazy here at home, even a trip to the grocery store sounds fun and exciting.  Yeah, it’s that bad.


The Sprout – Just Happy to be Here!

Babydiva 2/6/13

Babydiva at Her Most Charming

and last, but certainly not least –


The Papoose Rocking the  Shades

Cutest, sweetest, smartest, most beautiful and all other superlatives grands ever.  I promise.

Real love stories never have endings.  Richard Bach