Smudged, Hugged and Loved

Is there anything sweeter than hearing “I luv you all da time” from a child?  I’m here in Stuttgart giving and receiving hugs, kisses and snuggles from the Papoose and the Sprout, lacking only the presence of the Babydiva to make it totally what I call Grandma Nirvana.  One of the best things about grandparenting is that the phrase “all of the pleasure, none of the guilt” really applies, along with “what happens with Bebe stays with Bebe”.  Mr. Iknead has been sick with a bad cold so I made this trip solo, but I miss him and I know the grands miss him, too.  The Papoose has asked several times today where Pawpaw is; she’s not used to seeing one of us without the other.  I’m willing to bet that as soon as he feels better he’ll be hot-footing his way to Stuttgart to make up for lost time.



The Velvateen Rabbit and The Berenstain Bears have been hot commodities around here today.  Loved both the firs


around with my kids and am still enjoying them in reruns now.  The bears never fail to make me smile and the Velveteen Rabbit always leaves me teary from sweetness alone.

The Papoose loves looking at the pictures on my iPhone and Nook.  I always wait a day or two before I clean the screens just to relive how they acquired the smudges and sticky spots that accumulate.  It’s as good a storybook as one found in a bookstore, written by a celebrated author.




Action is the antidote to despair.  Joan Baez





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