The one where the real

world intrudes again and I can’t really say I’m not happy about it.  Grayton Beach was a dream – beautiful weather, beautiful water, beautiful grandbaby Papoose.  What’s not to like?  Want to know just how fabulous this vacay was?  I didn’t get in as much knitting as I thought I would.  DD gave me a hard time about knitting on the beach, told me that she knows now without a doubt that I am hopelessly addicted, all in fun, of course.    Here’s the view we were mercilessly subjected to 24/7.


Tough, right?

Here’s a Papoose aka Susannah vacay pic; she loves the water and the sand, having a hissy fit when she was taken out of the pool. Bet she’ll be swimming by next summer, I hope so.IMG_1131

She looks very pleased with herself, doesn’t she?

So, today was the first day back, I got a ton done at work catching up and immediately fell into my regular routine.  As great as it was, I’m glad to be back, I missed my Josie Pug, my favorite coffee cup and my bed.  Without a doubt, life is good.

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn to do it.  Pablo Picasso



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