The one where I brag

about my Drop Stitch Shawl, I have one row and the bindoff and it will be finished.  I’m going to add fringe and am toying with the idea of putting beads on the fringe.  Maybe some that look like crystals, or some silvery stuff.  Right now, I’m just basking in the euphoria that comes along with a FO.

Mirrorsocks are coming along.  I love the grays.  I do have to tattle on myself; several repeats of the pattern, patting myself on the back, then I decide to turn the page and see what’s coming up patternwise.  That’s right, There’s a whole row that I didn’t know about.  Not a big deal, the pattern is fine without being added onto, but now I know why reading the complete pattern is recommended BEFORE starting the actual knitting.  Silly me.

The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom.  H. L. Mencken