The one where she gets a surprise in

her mailbox.  Here’s the story – I’ve been having some personal family challenges in the past couple of months.  My mom is in a nursing home, she has dementia, and about eight weeks ago, my father was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer with spread to his bones and liver.  I’ve been going down to DeQueen about every other weekend, just to be with him and help him out with stuff.  So, to make a long story short, his cancer has spread to his brain and in a week’s time, we’ve had to move him into a nursing home because we just couldn’t provide the care he needed.  Basically, over a six week period, he has gone from being completely independent, driving and living in our family home to having to have nursing care around the clock.  Because of the brain mets, he’s very confused, gets angry and frustrated very easily and has to be supervised closely.  As you might have figured out, all this has been a very trying time for me, and I know I’ve not been my regular self lately.

OK, back to the story about the mail.  I love jellybeans, love them awful and a good friend knows how much I love them, so he put a new bag of Starburst jellybeans in my mailbox.  How sweet is that?  Gave me a big smile and warm fuzzy feeling.  I have wonderful friends.

Susannah modeling the Brittany Jumper.  Cute as cute can be, right?

Is she precious or what???
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