The one where she takes one

more jump at the Dragonskin iTouch Cover.  Easy to follow pattern, love the way it looks, I think I’m having a day-long brain fart.  I keep getting distracted which is nothing new, some days it happen more often than others.  I think it’s happening more now because I’ve got too many balls in the air and like always, a few get dropped.

I finished The Boy With the Cuckoo Clock Heart  today.  OK, I know I’m scattered now, it took about five tries before I got the spelling right on Cuckoo, that’s with the name of the book right in front of me.  How many times do I need to spell it Cockoo before I figure out why it looks wrong?  Sigh.

Here’s my finally successful start to the Dragonskin iTouch sock.  Much, much better.

I do have a project ready for WIP Wednesday.  Yay!

Tomorrow is often the busiest time of the year.  Spanish proverb