The one where we learn

that surgery is not an option for Dad’s lung cancer.  We met with the surgeon this morning, who, after looking at Dad’s scans, pulmonary function tests and examining him, told us that with the number and size of the tumors, along with disease encasing his aorta and probable invasion of the chest wall itself, surgery is just not a viable choice.  So, what we’re left with is his strong recommendation that Dad undergo radiation treatment and possibly chemo.  I work at a radiation treatment center, so we should be able to get in for a consultation and get treatment started pretty quickly.  That’s at the head of my to do list for tomorrow.  Our spirits are good, obviously not wonderful, but not horrible either.  So, that’s the situation for the moment.

One happy thing about today, we were able to get in to have a PET scan without having to make another appointment, necessitating yet another trip to Texarkana.  We ended up spending about 5 hours altogether at the imaging center, by the time our appointment came around and then three hours for the scan, I got a respectable start on my newest sock project.  No pictures today, sock toes always look weird to me anyway.  Tomorrow.

I’ve about half decided to go ahead and start another blog, but I may feel completely different tomorrow.  We’ll see.

Love in its essence is spiritual fire.  Emanuel Swedenborg  (1688-1772), Swedish scientist, religious teacher and mystic