The one where I decided

to sort of catch up on my picture taking, I especially wanted to show off the yarn bowl from Susan Zenger’s Etsy Shop.  I love it!  75% of the first Slippery Sock is done, counting down rows getting to the toe.  They’re awesome!

Here’s the yarn bowl

Here’s another

It’s beautiful and I love it.  I’m happy I found your Etsy store!

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The one where she’s poised

to buy an absolutely gorgeous yarn bowl on Etsy.  I’d never really thought about actually using one until I went on my winding binge a week or so ago and had yarn rolling all around the kitchen when it escaped the paper sack I had it in to prevent exactly what it insisted on doing, rolling all around the kitchen.  So, I hit Etsy and went yarn bowl shopping.  Here’s the result –

Sage and Yellow Yarn Bowl

The Etsy shop is CommonThreadsinCraft and I have a feeling that a long and happy relationship is in the future.  OK, a little self control here is needed; I need a minute to compose myself.  There, much better.

I have a WIP that’s burning a hole in my knitting bag but I’m trying to hold off until the official WIP Wednesday.  Must. Be. Strong.

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