WIP Wednesday, Booklove and Paisley


My Cable and Pleat Tunic is once again on the needles, after starting and then frogging three times.  I’m hoping that this attempt is THE one and I’ll finally see real progress.


I decided to I needed some kind of jar or pot to store the assorted brushes, pencils and markers that are accumulating quickly on my craft table.  I love paisley- bet you didn’t know that about me- and decided to experiment with some paisley shapes and a straight sided glass jar.  It’s not finished, I plan to cover the jar completely with paisley and then outline to make them stand out.  Here’s what I have so far-


Yeah, I can see that outlining them is going to be a must to delineate the paisley shapes.


I just finished Maeve Binchy’s A Week in Winter yesterday and it was OK.  I enjoyed it, but probably won’t pick it up to read again.  Admittedly, it was a departure for me, I generally go for nonfiction or horror or crime novels.  Still, I liked it enough to finish it.


This morning was the first time I’ve been able to enjoy my coffee and newspaper on the patio.  Birdsong and cool breezes, coffee and newspaper=perfect place to spend the morning.  Crazy good.

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WIP Wednesday 11/27/13


Quince&Co Scapula Scarf done in Lark, colorway Bird’s Egg

Tina Martinez’s Fascine Socks, done in Fiesta Baby Boom, colorway Sweet Pea, started last night

Last, Jennifer L. Jones’ Easy Leaves Scarf, in black mystery yarn from stash

You have to use your imagination on this one!

Iknead fam, don’t get your hopes up – I’m doing these for ME!  You don’t really think I’d post any Christmas knitting, now, do you??


I just finished this book and loved it!  I never wanted it to end!

The Sisters

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I have done my plowing: I have sown my seed.  Again I have time to sit and read my books.  T’ao Chien



FO Friday 11/08/13 and Dysmotivation*


Le Miz is (finally) finished and felted, in spite of a couple of “time-outs” for operator error.  This was the first project that I felted by hand and I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it is.  Lazy me, I’ve always let my washing machine do the work.  I’m apologizing in advance for the cruddy pictures, but it’s cold this morning and I’m still in my jammies, giving our back of the yard neighbors yet another reason to call me Crazy Yarn Lady.

A Better Look at the Stitch Pattern


Right now, I’m having a really, really hard time getting back into my program of walking and watching my weight.  I’m not going to share my poundage, suffice it to say that it is totally unacceptable to me and should jumpstart my walking and mindful eating program – but it hasn’t (at least so far).  Going to shop treadmills today, I think.  I’m hoping that will help.  What gets you in the exercise zone?

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 *Dysmotivation – The attitude of not wantin’ to do nuthin’.


Presto Chango, FO Friday and Divaliciousness


Here’s Babymama modeling the (reversible) Hilton Field Cowl and doesn’t she wear it well?

and flipped

I think it turned out rather well, it being my first colorwork project.


My Le Miz wrap is currently in time out, mostly because of unnoticed dropped stitches, leading to an incorrect number of stitches, which were finally noticed by yours truly when she decided, just for giggles, to do a quick stitch count.   FYI, if you’re going to do a project that incorporates purposely dropped stitches into the pattern, you must be extremely vigilant in counting stitches, since a huge mistake has the ability to look like a perfectly knit pattern row.  Dang.  Life goes on.  Sigh.


In the solo spotlight today is Babydiva, who is already talking a blue streak at the tender age of 20 months and definitely knows her own mind, thank you very much.

Workin’ those baby blues!

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WIPW 7/24/13


A couple of things at the moment.  First up is Hermione’s Everyday Socks for me.  Still really liking the Premier Yarns Wool Free yarn.  This colorway is called Vegas Lights.  Just a few more rows and it will be heel turn time.

Next, the promised entrelac has been started.  This yarn is Lion Brand Fisherman Wool, the original color was sort an oatmeal heather.  It’s been dyed with Kool-aid, a combination of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Cherry.

   The color did something interesting.  The oatmeal/beigey color is a grayish, light taupe now.  Much, much better.  Really, it reminds me of the Shibui Poodle Skirt yarn I used for a pair of socks a couple of months ago.


After a few hiccups with glazing, this plate finally came out of the kiln and was better than I had hoped.  The glaze is Rhodes Turquoise for the bottom 2/3 and Green Gloss for the top 1/3.  I’m really happy with the combination of glazes in the middle.  I’ve had a hard time with the glazing, it’s really not my favorite thing and I tend to rush through without much thought and consequently, the glaze really isn’t as uniform as I’d like it to be.  There are missed spots and drips.  A little more attention to detail would go a long way in the difference between a good glaze and a great one.  My mantra from here on out is, “take your time, where’s the fire?”

Windchime experiment also went well, aside from glazing hiccups.  They chime better than I thought they would but it’s definitely different from a glass, metal or wood chime.  The  spur of the moment ivy stamp makes me very happy.  I love the rustic look of this!

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Hit and Run, FOF 02/01/13


They’re finished!  The Phloem Socks are finished, with ends woven in, tried on, pictures taken and finally, shown off for this week’s FO Friday.

This one shows a little more detail.  Turned out well, I think.


OK, let’s see –

Towels in dryer – check

Beds made – check

Banana bread in oven – check

Fire started – check

Fancy coffee in cup – check

Dishwasher loaded and running – check

I swatched my newest project last night, Etched Rio Wrap in Metalico Gold Dust, got close enough to gauge, wound the six skeins and I’m good to go.  I love the excitement of a new project, this must be what opening night on Broadway feels like!  Oooh, there’s my cue!

Sorry about the hit and run blog style this week, I know you understand, it being a new project and all.

What lights a fire under you?  Shopping for yarn?  Looking at patterns?  Winding?  Admiring someone else’s project?  I’d love to know!

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WIP Wednesday 01/16/13 and Home Again


Here’s my current WIP for this week. This sock actually started out a really fiddly Celtic cable, but after about five rounds, I knew it was way over the top too fiddly to work on while visiting the Stuttgart grands, sent it to the frog pond and restarted, this time on Rachel Coopey’s Phloem, from Knitty Spring/Summer 2012. It’s also fairly fiddly but doesn’t require a cable needle, a definite plus when keeping company with a very curious and busy two year old.

The yarn is one I ran across while stash diving looking for a good take-along project for my Stuttgart visit.  It’s Shibui 100% superwash merino, color 6001 and since I believe everything should have a real name, not just a number, I’m calling it Sand and Sky.  Nice, I think.


Bigmommy brought me back home this morning and as much fun as I had with the babies over the past few days, it sure is good to be back.  Back where my chair is dented in all the right places, my pillow is always perfect and I know where the toilet paper is kept.  Funny what things make homes homey, isn’t it?


The great washing machine crisis is now in its fifth day and I don’t mind telling you that the laundry has somehow learned to multiply and seems to be doubling itself by the hour.  Really though, the new kid on the block is to be delivered and hooked up between three and five o’clock this afternoon.  I’m thinking positive and have already separated darks from lights, delicates from heavy duty and hand knits get to solo.  No unintentional felting allowed, zero, zip, zilch, none, not on my watch, nope.

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All is Calm/WIP Wednesday 12/26/12


A day out from Christmas and like I said before, it was the best Christmas ever.  We had the three grands, along with mommies and daddies yesterday and I couldn’t have wished for a better, happier, busier and all around more perfect day.  More on the grands later, Mr. Iknead was chief paparazzi so he’ll have to get the pics loaded onto the computer so I, in turn, can get them to Flickr and then share.


Did I mention that we had a real, live, only once in 80 years according to the weatherdude white Christmas?  Just in case I didn’t, it began raining, which in turn changed to freezing rain, then sleet and then finally, snow, starting about 2 p.m. yesterday.  I’m not a great estimator of stuff but I’m pretty sure we have at least 6-8 inches on the ground.  Thank you God that we didn’t lose power like so many others did.  I think Mr. Iknead and I ran ten miles back and forth, looking out various windows, just to watch the snow fall.  Because the snow came in on the heels of an ice storm, I’m sure the streets are very slick, with a sheet of ice under the snow.  Grateful to have a warm house, with lights, hot water and heat; if we really want to feel like we’re roughing it, we build a big fire in the fireplace and take turns rearranging the logs and stuff to get maximum heat.  Used to be a country chick, I guess now I’m more of a city chick.  Still build a mean fire though.  It must be like riding a bicycle, you never forget how.  Here’s a few pics from yesterday and this morning.


Backyard last night

12/26/12 Christmas Blizzard

Front yard this morning

12/26/12 Christmas Blizzard


OMG, I’ve been so distracted by the snow that I nearly forgot about WIP Wednesday.  A new pair of socks is in progress, Zigzag Lace from Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book.  Many moons ago I took a photo of the yarn I’m using, it’s called River Rock and I must be living right because here’s a pic –

Denali from Pagewood Farm

Merino Superwash/ Nylon


Zigzag Lace

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Stay tuned, more to follow.

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WIP Wednesday 10/31/12


New shawl started, the pattern is Adamas, using Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk in a soft gray.  Very pretty.  Pretty Maids is officially finished, blocked and waiting for a nice day for a picture.  I’m very pleased with it, especially since it’s really my first all lace project.  It blocked really well and turned out way better than I expected.  My patience with blocking anything is pretty limited anyway and with the Papoose helping me, I wasn’t sure what the result was going to be.  I’ll have it up for FO Friday for sure.  In the meantime, here’s Adamas –


Still working on the Six Wives of Henry the Eighth, up to Catherine Parr.  It amazes me how the monarchy works.  I know it’s different now, I mean, what’s it been 500 or so years since Henry the Eighth, but even now, what would it be like to have the power and responsibility of a royal?  Would having your every wish fulfilled get tiresome after a while?  Probably so, but I’d love to try and see what it’s like!


The Cancer Registry’s newest employee:


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