Gotta love Prince Harry

Prince Harry on the Jumbotron at Olympic closing ceremonies sing and whistle to the Bright Side of Life with the Monty Python guy.  Love it a million times.


Crafts, I did crafts today.  First up, a bracelet and necklace.

I’ve been experimenting with salt dough, molding it and finding different textures, just mostly playing, this little bracelet is one of the results.

I picked up a leaf on my walk yesterday and used it sort of like a stamp.  I think it turned out pretty cool.  I don’t think Tiffany’s has anything to worry about, but I like it.

I finally got the Wingspan and Summer Flies shawlette’s blocked.  Both turned out very nicely.


Summer Flies

Summer Flies Close-up


Babymama has to go back to work tomorrow, Babydiva will be with her nanny and we’ll all breathe a little easier when it’s this time tomorrow.  I remember when I had to go back to work after being on maternity leave, it was sooooo difficult to tear myself away from my baby the first morning.  I expect Babymama and Babydiva to be totally worn out tomorrow evening.  Sending them loving thoughts.  Tomorrow’s going to be a long one for them.


Great games, got a little overdosed on women’s beach volleyball, thanks to Mr. Iknead. How come the guys wore tanks and baggy shorts and the women wore bikinis?  Would Mr. Iknead have been glued to the TV if the guys wore what the swimmers wore and the girls wore what the guys wore?  Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m just sayin…..  Seriously, I’m so proud of all the athletes, wherever they were from, all deserved a medal.  London, indeed, did it right.

The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win.  Roger Bannister



Guilty as Charged


I’m coming clean – I’ve been way wwwaaayyy too involved with the Olympics, to the point of letting a few things slide, always thinking “as soon as the next commercial, I’m getting started on ________________.”  One of the things that I’ve gotten behind on is this blog.  So, I’ve admitted that I have a problem and that’s the first step to fixing something, right?


I finished that 9 to 5 socks last week without a clear cut next up in the queue project and was doing that thing that I do when I’m at loose ends (is this a pun?) and just don’t know what to pick up next – the rummaging around in my stash, lots of heavy sighs and picking up years abandoned WIPs and tossing them aside, spending more time that I should cruising Ravelry looking at patterns and making promises to yarn and old projects that I have no intention of keeping.  That being said, I found some really nice yarn in my stash and found a random shawlette pattern, got it going and thanks to my Olympic obsession, started the bind off last night.

Summer Flies

Holly and Ella Knits


Jo Sharp Alpaca Silk Georgette Briar

When I manage to get this project (along with Wingspan) blocked, I’ll make sure to get some close ups, Summer Flies has the sweetest picot bindoff ever.


No new pics of the Papoose, Bigmommy is too busy gestating and staying out of the over the top summer heat and Bigdaddy way busy with his new congregation, I think.  Here’s one of Babydiva that is so sweet!  Look how she has her head propped up on her little hand!!!  OMG, can’t stand it!


Nothing, nyet, nada.  Too hot.  I miss baking, might have to cave, turn the AC down to polar bear and fire up the stove, summer heat be damned!

He who hurries cannot walk with dignity.  Chinese proverb