WIP Wednesday 3-6-13, A Slight Disappointment and What I Love About Sock Knitting


The first Spring Pools sock is off the needles and, I have to say, is a disappointment – not in the yarn, not in the pattern, but in myself because I know that nine times out of ten, a busy, colorful yarn and an intricate pattern don’t work together.  This is something that I reminded myself over and over during the knitting of said sock and since I wanted them to work together so badly I just kept whispering sweet nothings into my ear, sweet nothings as in, “the pattern will pop more when they’re worn” and, “yeah, it looks a little tweedy but as soon as I get it finished and blocked, the pattern will jump out and really show itself”.  Sound familiar?  Well, the long and short of it is that neither of those statements are true and if I’m truly honest with myself, I knew it all along.  This brings me to share “What I Love About Sock Knitting”.  What I love about sock knitting is 1) you always get a second chance on the second sock and 2) I don’t think the patterns necessarily have to be the same on both socks and in this instance, the first sock’s pattern is Spring Pools, the second sock’s pattern (so far) is Fascine Socks Or…a surprisingly simple way to braid without cables.  I think the Fascines will do justice to the yarn, showing off the vivid colors to their best advantage.

First Sock

Spring Pools

Second Sock So Far

Fascine Socks

The next WIP today is one I started yesterday, Imagine Knit Designs Lolita, using Rowan Purelife yarn in Revive.  I like the fact that this yarn is made of 100% recycled silk, cotton and viscose.  Just trying to do my part saving the planet and if I can combine saving the planet with knitting, well, what’s not to like???


FYI, the cake keeper belonged to my grandmother, I can remember seeing it in her house most of my life.  When Mr. Iknead and I went to clean out my parents’ home last summer I came across it again in the back of a cabinet.  I think it lends itself well to picture taking, don’t you?

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