Overnight Fan

I tried something different today — I ordered groceries online and picked them up later this afternoon.  I may never enter the grocery store again!  Truthfully, though, Mr. iknead does most of the grocery shopping and excels at it.  But, today, Mr. iknead was otherwise occupied and my insomnia was making me feel like an extra from Night of the Living Dead so I decided to try it.

Wow.  Why haven’t I done this before???  I went online, picked out what I wanted and chose a time for pick up.  When it was time, I drove to the store, parked, let them know I was there and a nice person brought out my stuff, put it in the car and handed me my receipt.  Oh, I almost forgot the next best thing – my groceries were in real brown paper bags. 😮 I despise  those plastic things but can’t remember to take the reusable cloth ones.  What makes me sound more like an old lady—loving paper bags or my inability to remember about the reusable kind?

The first three online orders are free, after that, there’s a $5.00 charge.  Totally worth it in my book!  Yep, I’m a fan!

I believe the true function of age is memory. I’m recording as fast as I can. Rita Mae Brown





Reduce Reuse Recycle Confession


I ordered some lovely superwash merino and was pretty much bowled over when I saw it had been mailed in a cereal box.  I’ve never thought about doing that but it makes perfect sense.  So I’m a little slow getting into the reduce, reuse, recycle mindset.  I have great intentions, I just forget sometimes.  Remember, I’m a baby boomer, we were proud to be able to throw things away and never considered what it might cost us in the long run.  But, then, we never thought gasoline would top a dollar a gallon either. Those were the days, my friend.


The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn.  David Russell