WIPs As Far As The Eye Can See


I’m going to dive right in……..

 New Gray Day Sweater

Knitpicks Wool of the Andes

Sprinkle Heather


Five Roses Shawl

Knitologie by Knitcrate Sparkling Sock in Turquoise (speckled)

Emma’s Yarn in Turquoise


Twisted Flower

Yarn Bee

Rainbow Wrapsody


Kew Socks

URU.YARN  by Knitcrate Sugared Sock

Hidden Pool

Dissent Cowl

Faithful Beauty by The Verdant Gryphon

Arco Iris by Malabrigo

Shell Cottage from The Handmade Sock Society

Knitpicks Stroll Fingering in Seashell Tonal

Helen Stewart, Designer

So, lots of knitting happening here at Casa Coleman, just not a lot of finishing. 🙂 I’m trying to be more diligent about recordkeeping and such, so you can find pattern details and progress in my project pages.

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Hurray! I Have A FO Today!


Liesl is a done deal – knitted, ends woven in and blocked.  It fits and I’m really, really excited at how it turned out.

My Liesl Sweater

Knitpicks Cotlin in Brown Sugar


I’m linking with Tami and Frontier Dreams KCCO today.

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Good to Go, Rain Rain Go Away


I received the yarn for my My Harmonica Shrug yesterday, but in spite of my best intentions, it didn’t get finished.  Today is another day, though, it could transform from WIP into a FO; technically, the day’s not over until midnight, right?  I frogged the Cable and Pleat Tunic and restarted this time without the twist.  That’s what distracted me from My Harmonica.  I promised Harmonica that I absolutely, positively will not work on any other project until it’s finished.  Yes, I talk to my knitting all the time, most of the time nicely, but there have been moments….


The good news is that the patio is finished and we’ve purchased a table, an umbrella and four great chairs to go with it.  We’ve also gotten most of the plants in the ground and so far, they all seem to be doing well.  We have a couple of different begonias, impatiens, lamb’s ear, butterfly bush and coral bells in the flower bed, with just a couple more to plant, a redbud that a friend gave me and an oakleaf hydrangea from another friend.  The bad news is that it has rained for the last three days, so all the lovely furniture we’re so anxious to use is sitting in the garage, waiting for the sun to come out.  When I checked the forecast this morning, it said rain and thunder showers continuing through Sunday.  Crap. I hope it’s wrong.  The other bad news is that Mr. Iknead’s back went out yesterday, due, I’m sure, to all the stooping, squatting and lifting he’s done over the past week or so.  He had a rough afternoon yesterday, I hope he’s better today.  Poor thing.


The newest Yarnbox arrived earlier in the week and here’s what it contained – Two skeins of Fingerpaints Supersock Self Striping from Cherry Tree Hill Yarn, 100% superwash merino, in Java Jive.  I have only three words – It. Feels. Amazing.

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DITD, Book Love, Birthday Girl, FO Friday


I’ve been a tad down in the dumps the last few days or so, nothing spectacular and nothing that makes me want to stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head, just a mild case of long sighs and dysmotivation*.  I should tell you that there’s no real reason for this dumpy mood, except maybe that my calendar says spring, the clothes catalogues say spring and last week one day it was 70 degrees, but the last few days have been cold and windy.  Windy to the point that power was out in some parts of the city.  Thankfully, we didn’t lose power, that might have pushed me right over the edge and I would have been forced to go buy a pair of sandals or a new pocketbook or something.  Dodged that bullet.


I’m continuing my love affair with the writings of John Steinbeck with Travels with Charley. I’m late to the party with this particular one and am thoroughly enjoying this travelogue. This affair all started with East of Eden, first in a Reader’s Digest condensed book, so long ago I can’t remember the year or my age. I’m pretty certain it was junior high, around 1968 or so. Later, I filled in the blanks (it was a condensed book, remember) with a paperback from some school book club, probably Scholastic. Remember the Scholastic book club?  I lived for the days they handed out the new Scholastic book catalogues and would study them for days, making lists of the ones I wanted.  Even so many years ago, it was always “so many books, so little time”.  I got into trouble more than once for hiding a book inside another book in class, just because I needed to finish “just one more page, I promise”.

Travels with Charley in Search of America


I usually am tooting my own horn over the grands and I will, later in this post, but I want to share how proud I am of my big girls, my daughter and my daughter in law, Bigmommy and Babymama.  They’ve both started blogs and mentioned me as their inspiration.  Teared me right up, it did.  So, pop over to The Mommy Life 101: Welcome to Motherhood and wife*mother*disciple and see why I’m usually awestruck by these two young women and their accomplishments.


Three hundred sixty five days ago, Mr. Iknead and I were up in Labor and Delivery, anxiously awaiting the birth of another precious granddaughter.  Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed and happily added Babydiva to the growing roster of grands.  So much happens in a year and I forget how quickly babies grow and change,

from this

to this

to this

Happy First Birthday Babydiva!


Lolita Vest

Lolita vest

I think it turned out nicely.  I wearing it today, again.

Don’t forget to check out Tami Ami’s blog for more FO Friday treats.

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*Dysmotivation – a word I made up to describe the feeling of not wanting to do anything resembling most definitions of productivity and being compelled instead to read, watch trash TV and surf Rav.



Late Start


I’m getting a late start on blogging/computer housekeeping today, usually by this time I’ve blogged, cleaned out my inbox, answered e-mail, peeked in on what what’s going on with Rav, oohed and ahhed over the Friday FOs and moved on to thinking about dinner, maybe baking a little, knitting and reading and doing the straightening up that never seems to be quite finished around our house.  Not today.  Thinking about dinner has been accomplished, with chicken thawing, a couple of loads of laundry is in process and I just measured my newest on the needles project at a good, honest (no stretching allowed) 12 inches, a good start on a pattern that starts out with 16 inches of knitting in pattern.


I’m now 17 days out from my surgery and continue to feel a little better every day.  I’d been missing my daily walks with Josie and decided to start back yesterday morning.  We (Josie and I) walked to the post office, probably about a half mile round trip and probably since my speed is a lot slower than usual, I spotted some springy goodness along the way.  Can spring be too far off?

I have an appointment Monday morning with my surgeon and am very hopeful he’ll release me to drive then.  I’m beginning to get a little stir crazy here at home, even a trip to the grocery store sounds fun and exciting.  Yeah, it’s that bad.


The Sprout – Just Happy to be Here!

Babydiva 2/6/13

Babydiva at Her Most Charming

and last, but certainly not least –


The Papoose Rocking the  Shades

Cutest, sweetest, smartest, most beautiful and all other superlatives grands ever.  I promise.

Real love stories never have endings.  Richard Bach




The one where she really understands

just how amazing people who have never seen each other in the flesh, have never heard each other’s voices and maybe having nothing in common except a shared love of fiber.  (I know it happens with other people  who share other things, but I have to stick to what I know.)  I’m talking about a post in May, 2010 on Ravelry that started with “I have a pregnancy test in my purse” and ended with the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Paloma, last week.  As the topic picked up steam, more and more Ravelers started following, reading and posting, becoming a huge cheerleading section, obsessively  checking in as D-day got closer and closer.  The outpouring of encouragement, excitement, advice and caring was so phenomenal, so affirmative, I get a lump in my throat just thinking about it.  Thanks Dori for sharing such a personal part of your life with us, thanks fellow Ravelers for again proving how caring we fiber folks are and thanks Rav for being giving us a place to share and care, you’re the best.

And here’s my photo for today – my beautiful granddaughter, Susannah.

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