The one where she looks

back over the past few weeks and learns that, like so many other life milestones, time will be marked off as “before Dad’s diagnosis” and “after Dad’s diagnosis”.  None of us really knows for sure what we’re facing in the next few months, all of us are going to have to be a little more flexible, more patient, more compassionate, with a little more strength and wisdom thrown in for good measure.  At the moment, however, I’m not looking past Monday, he has an appointment then for planning and measurements for treatment to get started.

Am looking so forward to tomorrow, a day all to myself.  I’m going to knit, read and maybe nap.  Think tranquil, restful and totally mine.  No To Do List for me, not tomorrow.  Maybe a Not To Do List.  Never thought of that.

Ran across this image while surfing the net and thought it was funny.

A little yarn humor.

I learned much from my teachers, more from my books and most from my mistakes.  Anonymous



The one where she is getting used

to taking on a sort of parental role with my parents.  I have to say, the whole situation feels really odd, making the switch from child to parent, taking on the role of caregiver for my mother and father.  I have noticed that they defer to me to take charge.  It just feels odd, but I expect it will become more comfortable with practice.

Here is a pic that I especially like and that I want to share –

Go to fullsize image For some reason I am captivated by angel wings.  I love the soft colors of these.

An optimist is the human personification of spring.  Susan J. Bissonette



The one where she learns

that her father has lung cancer.  I had a bad feeling about this last week when his doctor asked me to call and discuss the findings on a CT scan done then.  I work in a cancer treatment center, so I knew that most likely he was facing a diagnosis of cancer.  With my mother in a nursing home with dementia, this is doubly hard to deal with.  Our next step is to meet with a surgeon and start exploring treatment options.  His diagnosis is squamous cell carcinoma, left lower lobe, lung, moderately differentiated.  Not a great prognosis, but not hopeless either.  One day at a time.

I’m thinking about starting another blog with my dad’s diagnosis and the journey that my family are about to start.  If it happens, chances are that it will be updated once or twice a week, depending upon what’s happening.  My only reservation is that I tend to be a tad obsessive and usually run myself ragged trying to live up to my (impossible) demands.  You know, this could be a way to practice being kind and caring to myself, learning that sometimes “good enough sometimes is good enough”.  This is sounding better and better.  I can always shut it down if it gets overwhelming.  But, this really doesn’t mesh with my never say die, strong-willed, I can do it all personality.  They say old dogs can learn new tricks.  I think I’ll sleep on it.

OK, now I know I’ve got too much on my plate.  Again I notice that I did a blog post last week but neglected to publish it.  Maybe another blog right now isn’t such a good idea.  I’ll still sleep on it.

I’ve no new pics to post, but this never fails to make me smile –

Gotta love the sweater.

A man has to live with himself, and he should see to it that he always has good company.  Charles Evans Hughes (1862-1948)



The one where the weather

just seems to be getting worse and worse.  Talked to DD about an hour ago and she’s been frantically moving stuff upstairs, there’s at least a foot of water outside in her neighborhood.  DSIL is home and safe, but couldn’t get to their driveway to park and had to wade through knee high water to get to the house.

About four hours later:

The weather here in Little Rock has turned really, really nasty.  We’ve had a couple of tornadoes in the central Arkansas area.  Pictures and damage reports have started coming in.  Thankfully, we haven’t lost our electricity at our house but the latest count is about 53,500 customers are without power in Pulaski county.  I’ve been sending and receiving texts all evening.  All present and accounted for.

DD checked in, rain has let up some and water is receding so that’s good news.  Jeez, these last couple of weeks have been something else weatherwise.

Another Easter with the Papoose picture

She is not amused.
Never regret.  If it’s good, it’s wonderful.  If it’s bad, it’s experience.  Victoria Holt

The one where blogging

is blogged about.

I took the challenge of blogging every day issued by WordPress the first of the year and have been more or less successful.  I think I’ve missed two days posting and am pretty proud of myself.  Admittedly, the first month or so of posts was like pulling teeth.  I dreaded posting most of the time because it was hard for me to put my thoughts in order and it be halfway readable.  Happily, I think I’ve gotten better at it, it seems to flow a lot easier and now I have trouble keeping my posts down to a reasonable length.  I don’t dread it and some days it’s a little bit harder than others, but I like creating something with words, something that’s uniquely mine.

I was sorting through some photos earlier and found this one.  It’s labeled random pretty and it’s both random and pretty.

Look with favour upon a bold beginning.  Virgil  (70 BC-19 BC)



The one where she has a burning

desire to learn pottery making.  I’ve always thought it would be really cool to know how to throw pots (I think that’s what it’s called) so I started doing a little research online about classes and lo and behold, the Arkansas Art Center here in Little Rock has classes for just about every art form known to man.  OK, maybe not every art form, I made that up, but they offer a lot of different stuff, painting, pottery, photography and a few things I’ve never heard of.  I never knew how much of a tactile person I am until I started knitting, I love using my hands to create and learn about things.  I’m going for it!

I wind up my work week tomorrow and not a moment too soon.  I’ve felt really tired this week, I think mostly because of my trip to DeQueen last weekend.  I started stressing about it a week beforehand and that, on top of being really busy at work, just wrung me out.  Today was the first day in a couple of weeks that I felt normal, not stressed and not overtired.  I’m too young to feel that old!

Isn’t this amaryllis gorgeous?  DD Lindsey got it three years ago and it’s bloomed every year.  I wish I had a green thumb like she does but that’s what keeps life interesting, different gifts, different people, right?

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.  John Ruskin (1819-1900)



The one where she’s grateful

that she decided at the last minute to just work a half day instead of a whole day, so we left Little Rock around 2:30 p.m., getting to Fayetteville about 5:30 p.m.  Much better than leaving LR at 5:30 p.m. and getting to Fayetteville who knows when.  Glad to be here, glad to see the kids.

Here’s a pic of Josie Pug, the Queen Bee, with her “We are not amused” face.  No baking today, but worked on the Celebration Socks in the car, ready to turn the heel.

Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.  Christopher Morley (1890-1957)



The one where she spends

Saturday doing a whole lot of not much.  I did do some stash organizing and such.  I had completely forgotten some yarn that I excavated.  I need a new sock project, I went through patterns I have and just can’t make up my mind.  Sometimes I have to let an idea percolate before it’s ripe enough to pick.  All in good time.

Tact is the knack of making a point without making an enemy.  Isaac Newton (1642-1747)