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Knit Vested and Stylish


Lark in Twig

So, before Mr. Iknead and I took off to Mt. Magazine last weekend, I did a stash dive and came up with ten (!) skeins of this lovely yarn.  I’m a little embarrassed to reveal that I’d completely forgotten about this little bit of stash enhancement.  Obviously, I’d bought it with a particular project in mind, what with ten skeins and all, but as for the planned project, no clue.    Anyway, I started  cruising Ravelry for patterns and settled on a  sweet and simple vest from Redheart.

Vested and Stylish


Sorry sbout the crazy photos, my phone battery bit the dust and photos taken on my ipad are HUGE. We’re charging, by the way.  The pattern and the Lark yarn seem to be a perfect match; I love it when a plan comes together! ūüėČ


I just finished Anthony Rapp’s memoir, Without You.  This is another happy discovery, Mr. Rapp was one of the lead characters in my all-time favorite play, Rent.  FYI, he played Mark, an aspiring filmmaker.  A good read, especially since I love Rent so much, of course, it was loaded with Rent references and bits of insider trivia.  Next up is Lucky Us, by Amy Bloom, a book I know next to nothing about, other than the synopsis sounded interesting.


New Kid on the Block

Charlee Faith, who is all of one month as of Monday.  Beautiful, right??

She’s #4 in the grandbaby line up and I’m here to tell you, the grandparent thing?,  it never gets old.  Ever.

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Monday Love, Pots, This Is Why


At the risk of being tarred and feathered by the present workforce, I have to say that I love Mondays.¬† Let me tell you why:¬† Monday mornings are a happy reminder that Mr. Iknead¬†and I are retired.¬† We are learning how to “not work”;¬† for us, this means deciding to go out to lunch on a whim, or watching that movie/episode that we’ve just never gotten around to, looking outside to check the weather and not thinking “OMG, it’s raining/snowing/sleeting/storming and I need to get a move on this morning, just in case.”¬†and instead, thinking “OMG, it’s raining/snowing/sleeting/storming and I think I WILL have that extra cup of coffee now.”¬† My apologies if I’m gloating, I don’t mean to; it’s just that all this¬†is so new to us, like opening a present each and every morning and knowing that it’s going to “fit” perfectly.



Remembering one of my pottery goals this year, I snapped a few pictures last time I was in the pottery studio.

This one should be ready to trim today.

(Don’t know whose backside that is.)

This may be our new fruit bowl.

I see a possible yarn bowl.

This one’s a wild card.¬† What do you see?


This is the reason I frogged a nearly complete sleeve that seemed to take FOREVER on the Mariella Cardi

Ladders, ladders everywhere

The pattern called for DPNs¬†and for once, I actually followed directions, resulting in ladders between every needle.¬† So, I gritted my teeth, bought a size 5 circular needle, frogged¬†and restarted.¬† It’s going much better, thank you.¬† How come I try to delude myself every time¬†I see a glitch that a) it will block out, b) I’ve made a mistake I’m calling a design feature and/or c) really, no one is going to notice?¬† This delusion carries me until I’m within¬†spitting distance of completion, then the glitch rises up, gives me a smack upside the head and says, “What were you thinking??”¬† Thus, the frogging and restarting, with all the required fuming and sighs.¬† Whew … I feel much better now.

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WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along 01/08/14


A couple of things:

The first sleeve on the Quince & Co. Mariella¬†Cardi –


some random sock, done in some stash mystery yarn (maybe Seasilk???).¬† I started this one toe up because I haven’t decided whether to do a real pattern or just a nice, comfy, go-to kind of sock.¬† As you can see, the jury is still out….


Yesterday, while sort of¬†browsing through some older posts, it dawned on me that I haven’t posted any baking projects lately.¬† I sort of think I need to do that every once in a while, I mean, the blog is called¬†iknead2knit and all.¬† So, with that in mind, I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics of yesterdays project – homemade granola.

The base recipe is one I got from my pottery instructor (thanks, Jean, the Pottery Queen), with¬† 1 egg white, 1/2 cup agave nectar instead of sugar, 1/4 cup olive oil, a pinch of sea salt¬†and 3 cups old fashioned¬†oatmeal.¬† I tweak it with stuff we like (and what’s in the pantry), cinnamon, raisins, almond slivers, unsweetened coconut and sometimes pumpkin seeds or shelled pistachios.¬† I bake it at 300 degrees, stirring every ten minutes or so until it’s brown and dry.¬† Then, it’s hard to keep from munching on it¬†every time I pass it in the kitchen. Putting a little bit in vanilla yogurt is my favorite, with just enough crunch and sweet/salty to satisfy.¬† Yum!


I’m starting The Book Thief this afternoon.¬† I can’t wait!!¬† Pretty much cleared my calendar for it.¬† I hope it lives up to its rep.

The Book Thief

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WIP Wednesday 11/13/13


From Quince & Company, this scarf:

Scapula, done in Lark yarn, color Bird’s Egg, 100% American wool

This has to be in my top ten fave projects, both the pattern and the yarn.¬† Though I prefer to “buy local” to support my LYS, I have to admit that Quince & Co. has turned my head a time or two.

Another couple of projects, both Hitchhiker shawls, are still on the needles also, but progress is slow and nearly imperceptible.¬† I’ll spare you the nearly identical pics.¬†¬† Hopefully, they’ll join the ranks of FOs in the next week or so.

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FO Friday 07/19/13


I FINALLY finished the Papoose’s Olivia Petit sweater this week.¬† If you will¬†recall, I had intended to¬†knit¬†three (what was I thinking??) of these sweet sweaters, one for each grand, for Easter.¬† Clearly, I must have been intoxicated¬†from the heady fumes of possibility that this pattern was¬†emitting at that particular point in time.¬† Be that as it may, here’s the finished product, blocked, with buttons and ends woven in.



Remember this?  My very first handspun and dyed yarn?

It went from this –

To a Cowl


Here’s what I made yesterday – I’m getting more confident all the time on the sewing machine.¬† I think I might make a trip to Jo-Ann today and brainstorm.


I have to admit I’m more than a little proud of myself.¬† On Monday, I couldn’t even thread the machine!¬† Still on a learning curve, but I can see the possibilities that¬†knowing how to sew will open.

OK, enough already.

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Just Call Me Tinkerbell


Not reading/listening much at the moment.¬† There are a couple of books that have piqued my interest, Mary Coin by Marisa Silver and Fever by Mary Beth Keane.¬† As far as I can tell, neither one is in my local library’s collection yet, frustrating for me due to our (Mr. Iknead’s) austerity plan.¬† I’ve requested them, but this takes time, which I have a lot of, but unfortunately I’m continually short on patience.¬† Could this be a sign that I need to finish the books I’ve started to make room for those I want to start?¬† Possibly.


I think winter is really over and begin to anticipate¬†spring with warmer temps and greener everything, Mother Nature¬†brings another surprise.¬†¬†After a couple of days of short sleeves and sunshine, the weather turned¬†cold again with snow in the northern part of the state and rain and sleet for the rest.¬† I’m tired of sweaters and long sleeves and am finding myself thinking more and more about swimsuits, sandals and the beach. Our August vacation seems soooo far away!


I cast off Lolita last night, all she lacks is a light blocking and then sewing the shoulder seams.¬† I’ll get a picture when she’s officially finished.¬† Still working on the first Olivia Petit sweater.¬† I ended up tinking¬†back even more when I noticed a dropped stitch about ten or 12 rows back.¬† I tried to convince myself that I could totally live with it, that with a little blocking it would be next to unnoticeable.¬† You know how far that got me.¬† Bit the bullet, tinked¬†back and redid and am much happier.¬† Two more buttonholes, then separating for the sleeves and I’ll be ready to start knitting the peplum.¬† Suddenly, knitting two more of these doesn’t seem like such a great idea.¬† Hmmm, wonder why? ¬†Here it is so far:

Sorry the pic sucks.

Off to start blocking Lolita!

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Tiny Dancer, Pacy Covet and New Project Excitement


on seeing a naked two and a half year¬†old ballerina stopping mid pirouette to potty, you’ve truly missed out on the highest form of funny cuteness. That’s right friends, the Papoose¬†is in the midst of potty training and¬†I think it might have clicked yesterday. Then, just when our giggles were starting to slow, she ran into the bathroom to flush – her potty chair is in the den, getting us going all over again. Thanks to the wonders of the digital age, it’s all on video. If you’re wondering why her potty’s in the den, you need to know that potty training at this stage is more about timing and convenience and less about location. What’s true in real estate, location, location, location ain’t necessarily so in potty training.


Way way invested in Robert Massie‘s biography, Catherine the Great. I’m just right at her arranged marriage to 17 year old Peter of Holstein. I’ve mentioned my fascination with the Russian imperial family before and finished Nicholas and Alexandra¬†a little bit¬†ago. Loved it and am loving CTG just as much.


on the needles is Olivia Petit, a sweater I blogged about in How Come.¬† I got the yarn ordered this morning (13 skeins) and am anxious to see it in person and start gauging.¬† After a little more thought over the past few days, I think I’m going to scale back my grand plans just a little and just go for a Easter¬†sweater for the Sprout, I’ve not knitted anything for this poor babe.¬† I guess that comes from being #3 in the grandbaby line up, so I’m giving her first dibs.¬† Check my blog post How Come? to see the project picture.¬† It’s the cutest thing!


the much coveted monkey pacifier that the Sprout got as a baby gift.  It is really, really cute, a pacifier with a soft, floppy monkey (think Beanie Baby) attached, making it easy for little hands to hang on to.  Well, let me tell you, this monkey pacy is much admired and coveted within the Coleman/Vaughan circle of grands and is fair game if it gets dropped or somehow laid aside and forgotten.  See what I mean?

From the Sprout

To Babydiva

and finally

Back to the Sprout via Babydaddy

A word to the wise – if you come across one of these pacies, buy multiples!

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