So I saw this bracelet in a catalog


So, I saw this bracelet in a catalog (one of about a jillion that I get) months ago and fell in love with it right away.   What I didn’t fall in love with was the price tag, $88.00 but I kept looking at it, checking to see if it had gone on sale, looking at it some more, then more checking and more looking.  Finally, last week, as I was doing more looking, one of the little voices in my head (yes, I have a committee in my head) said, “You could totally make that, you know”.  So I set about doing just that.  I’ve been playing around with jewelry making and experimenting with different things, I had a spool of waxed linen cording and little silver beads that didn’t work for another project and this is what happened:

 This one’s mine                                                                                     This one’s theirs


 Pretty good for a total investment of about five bucks and thirty minutes, wouldn’t you say?  And it fits perfectly (I have very skinny wrists).  I did good, in my never to be humble opinion.


Babydiva’s baptism is scheduled for Saturday, so we tried the family baptistmal gown on her Saturday and I’m happy to report that it’s a perfect fit; the bonnet not so much.  She’s the fourth baby to wear it.  OK, technically, she’s the third since her dad, Babydaddy, couldn’t squeeze into it when he was her age.  But, he did have it on for a minute or so, so I’m counting that as a wearing.  If I remember correctly, he was very, very bad tempered about trying it on, too.  Isn’t she a beauty??


Babydiva AKA Harper


Am reading American Passage , a history of Ellis Island, which has always fascinated me and on my Nook, Killer Photos with Your iPhone.  I’ve pretty much quit using anything but my phone to take pictures, this book has already taught me a lot, both how to set up a good photo and how to use my iPhone and its features to make pictures.  Hopefully my pics will improve the more I learn.  I’m ashamed to admit that I had to ask Mr. Iknead what kind of phone I have, 3G? 3GS?  It’s a 4.  Learn something new every day.

Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade.  It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.  Abbie Hoffman


Hot Hot Hot


Need I say more?  It’s not as hot as yesterday according to iPhone weather, but let’s get real, shall we, anytime you get over 100 degrees, the actual temperature is irrelevant.  iPhone says 104.  Whatever.  All I know is that I’m not getting out again today, even though I’ve spent most of the afternoon working on my grocery list.  I just can’t brave the asphalt parking lot this afternoon.  Most of the afternoon has been taken up by alternately knitting and surfing Pinterest.


As usual, I have several books I’m trying to read, two audiobooks, two Nook books and two paper books.  They run the gamut, a couple of novels, a memoir and a book of essays on knitting.  I do this at buffets too, a case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach.  I’m particularly in love with Inconceivable, by Carolyn Savage, the memoir.  A synopsis can be found in all the usual places (I apologize for not knowing how to put in a link, that’s on my list to learn this weekend).  I started out with it being my “on the treadmill” book but very quickly decided that it’s my “read every free moment” book.  It’s a definite repeater.


I’ve started the seventh of eight triangles on Wingspan, I’m anxious to get it finished.  It’s supposed to take only one skein, I hope that’s right, since I only bought one skein when I decided to knit it.  If it doesn’t work out, I’ll just finish up with a different yarn and call it a “design feature”.  I’ve done it before.  ; )


 I love this picture, with her sweet face.  She brings much joy!

Tell me and I’ll forget.  Show me and I may not remember.  Involve me and I’ll understand.  Native American proverb



Do Over


You mean to tell me that my blog pictures aren’t there?  Why can I see them when I post but they’re not there for anyone else.  A little slow on the uptake lately, me, especially when I have Flickr on my phone and it’s a million times easier to post from there.  My kids are always saying I’m always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to technology; give me a break, when I learned to type (back in the Dark Ages, 1974 or thereabouts), electric typewriters were on the cutting edge.


Before and after pics of the French Market Bag

Before Felting


After Felting

I hope these show!  It took about five trips through the washing machine before I was satisfied with the felting.  This was my first felting project and I was surprised at how much it shrank.  I think I might try a big bowl next.


At the moment, I’m still listening to Part 5 of Stephen King‘s Dark Tower series, Wolves of the Calla.  I’m nearly finished and have a new book waiting in the wings, A Time to Love, by Barbara Cameron.  I think it’s part one of a series, Quilts of Lancaster County.  I should probably mention that this was a Free Friday Nook Book from Barnes and Noble.  Every Friday they offer a different free Nook Book and it has been a great way for me to break out of the “reading rut” I find myself in sometimes.


Thanks to a friend at work, Mr. Iknead and I have enough fresh okra and tomatoes for at least a week.  I think I’m going to freeze the okra and do salsa with the tomatos.  Hurry up work week so I can get started!  Thanks C., Mr. Iknead and I appreciate you and your garden.

The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds.  Jawaharlal Nehru