To Market To Market


We had a fun morning at the Farmer’s Market down by the river.  So many vendors, all with beautiful things, from jewelry, to fruits and veggies, to clothes, to greyhounds.  Naturally, at the greyhound rescue booth I wanted to take all the hounds home, every last one.  Never mind that Mr. Iknead and I decided a while ago not to add another dog to our mix, Josie enjoys being an “only child” and we kind of like it, too.  I’m a total pushover though and all it takes for me to forget all about our agreement is the sight of anything with fuzz, fur or feathers. Extra points if they happen to be babies, look like babies or were babies at any point in time.  Speaking of babies…This young man is Mr. Iknead’s and my son, Jordan, holding HIS baby.

In keeping with my habit of taking what Mr. Iknead sometimes refers to as “my random pictures”, here are a few I thought were interesting:

I wish I’d been able to get this guy completely in the frame.  He is very tall.

My Art Journal

The Documented Life Project

Week Two Challenge – Make a Selfie

I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.  Pablo Picasso 




FO Friday Quickie


I cast off Laura Spradlin’s Grrlfriend Market Bag yesterday, just in time for pics and this week’s FO Friday post.  Super pattern, super bag.  Nice and stretchy to hold whatever you fancy.  I had some orphan balls of Sugar and Cream, so that’s what they became.  My only thumbs down on this project is that personally, Sugar and Cream yarn is really hard on the joints in my hands.  Much of this is just age related arthritis, but every time I knit with Sugar and Cream or any other 100% cotton yarn, my hands suffer and I can only do a few rows at a time before taking a break to let my hands rest.  Other than that, I’m really happy with how this project turned out.


Grrlfriend Market Bag

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