Marker Mania, 2015 TDL Reveal


OK, I’ve officially gone off my rocker for Copic markers. I’ve been spending a lot of time just admiring how pretty they look in the cup I use to hold them on my table. I’m working toward getting better at blending and highlighting, not having any art experience before, I have trouble making what I see in my head match what I’m putting on paper, but with practice I hope it becomes easier.  Even if it doesn’t, every minute I spend with my art journal is a joyful one!



Right at this moment, thousands of art journalers are anxiously awaiting the announcement of Art to the 5th’s plan for the 2015 The Documented Life art journal.  It’s to be revealed at 12:OO today, EST, which is 11:00 our time.  I suspect there might be a Facebook crash then as we all get our Facebook up and going so as not to miss a single second of the big reveal.  Maybe not, but I’m just saying……..


The “official” journal is the Diane Reavley Dylusions large art journal.  I’m excited to try this particular one, the pages are card stock, which I love working with.  This journal is the one that the Art to the 5th ladies are using, but is only a suggestion.  I’ve been using a lined, spiral bound notebook and it’s been OK; having been an art journal newbie this past year, it’s worked for me, but I think I’ll be happier this time around with their suggestion.

They’ve also lined up some fabulous guest artists, including the above mentioned Ms. Reavley, along with new tutorials/classes.  You can check them out on the Art to the 5th website.


The Simplex shawl is (finally) off the needles, just needing a wash and a block and I’m already doing some stashdiving, looking to see if there are any likely project candidates in the pile.  If I was really smart, I’d start my Christmas knitting but hey, why not wait until the last second and pull a couple or three back to back all nighters and make this holiday REALLY one to remember?  Anyone else ever sobbed while Kitchenering a sock toe, while trying to thaw a frozen turkey by the blow dryer method in the wee hours of Christmas morning?  Yeah, me neither.  But I digress.  Simplex pics on Wednesday, I promise.

I can’t complain, but sometimes I still do.  Joe Walsh






More Than A Little Bummed, Waterlogued


I bought new Copic markers last week, not a full set, but $86.00 worth of blues and greens.  They were set to be delivered Monday by the U.S. Postal Service.  Much anticipation on my part, as usual, keeping an eye out for our mailman and checking our box over and over. Long story short, Monday – no markers.  Tuesday – no markers.  Can you see where this is going??  I pulled up the tracking info and it showed they were delivered ON SATURDAY!!!!  OH NO THEY WEREN’T, OH H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS NO!!  I printed the tracking info and trotted down to our post office and explained the situation in my most nicest voice (seriously).  Here’s what I learned: they don’t know what happened or where they are, but they will ask our carrier about it and let me know. Jeez.  Did I forget to tell you that poor Mr. Iknead was poking around in the front flowerbeds after dark and in the rain on the off chance that maybe my package may have somehow migrated from our mailbox to under the hydrangeas? No such luck.  I do love this man, I surely do!  This sort of thing makes me even closer to crazy than usual.  Grrrrrr.


I found this nifty app called Waterlogue  and decided to give it a try.  It turns a regular photo into a watercolor painting.

My art table.

I liked that so much, I tried it on some beach pics –






I may be using this app more!

Limitations live only in our minds.  But if we use our imaginations, our possibilites become limitless.  Jamie Paolinetti