The one where the Eternal

Legwarmers are no longer eternal.  I finished weaving ends in about 30 minutes ago and think they turned out to be really neat.  Like I said in another, earlier post, I love the look of legwarmers, I hope they like me as well.  Take a look

I took another photo that I like better, but I don’t know how to rotate the image.  That’s something I’ll figure out tomorrow. 

Besides finishing these, I made sourdough today.  It’s an all day undertaking, not difficult, but requires a lot of time and patience.  I just took the loaves out of the oven, they smell heavenly!  Sourdough toast tomorrow a.m., mmmmmm.

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The one where she may be getting

a little weary of the cold weather that’s been blanketing Arkansas the past week or so.  Today, it’s been alternating between sleet and snow since about 8 a.m. or so. Even though it’s really cold, like in the 20s, it’s been nice having my schedule cleared, being able to take my time, piddling around the house and doing some baking.  I made some Sugar Donut Mini Muffins that turned out to be very tasty, just like, duh, sugar donuts.  It’s a keeper I think.  I pulled the recipe from the internet,, one of my favorite recipe sites.  Quick pic –

Legwarmer update:  Five inches to go!  The end is in sight!

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The one where she wants

to be anywhere besides where she is, which is at work.  Swear, the clock says 4:44 p.m., but my body says midnight, at least.  All I have to do is hang on for another 45 minutes.

I did manage some legwarmer photos and decided to have the WIP one share the stage with her big sister, the FO.  OMG, am I actually assigning gender to a knitted item?  Now that’s odd, even by my standards.  Here they are





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The one where she thinks the leg

warmers will be an eternal work in progress.  At least I have a post for WIP Wednesday.  So, without further ado…….

Some stitch detail –

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The one where she

posts her first WIP Wednesday project.  Looky looky – it’s half a leg warmer!

The people I work with can’t figure out why I keep taking pictures of knitting.  I think it just confirms their suspicion that I may be a little odd.  (something I cultivate).  YB normal, right?

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Saturday Start

Leaf Scarf blocking, looking good.  Started Cabled Legwarmers from Knitpicks, Plymouth Yarn Encore, color 0240, a soft gray.  Love the legwarmer look, I hope it loves me back.  Here’s a peek –

No baking done today, knitting and blocking instead.  Brownies tomorrow, along with getting ready for a home group meeting at 5 p.m. and hopefully going over some stepwork for my sponsee.  Can’t put those off any longer.  Neither one is difficult, I’ve just been procrastinating.  If I would get started, it would only take an hour at the most.  I’m doing them – tomorrow.

Busy hands are happy hands.