The one where mutants,

mutants, I say, have taken over my sock drawer.  Here, look




Really, I came across these socks this afternoon and after looking close, they had huge, huge holes in them where I had dropped a stitch here and there and being a newbie knitter, just ignored them and hoped they’d go away.  They didn’t.  So in the heat of the moment, I decided to frog them, this is what I ended up with.  Very curly, very pink Jitterbug.  Here’s hoping that a nice soak with Euclan and slow drying will give me at least somewhat straight yarn.  It should work, right?

My Dad is here to get started on his radiation treatment for his lung cancer.  I think he’s a bit nervous about it, heck, I’m a little nervous myself and I work at the radiation therapy center where he’s going to be treated.  It’s true what they always say, it is different when it’s your family.  He’s the only dad I have, you know.  : )

Slippery Socks are going well.  I’m loving this colorway, like I said before, it’s a complete departure from the usual for me.  Who knew that I’d be so crazy about hot pink, bright orange and bright, bright yellow yarn, not me that’s for sure.  Here’s to stepping outside the box every now and then.

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The one where we decide

what kind of treatment my father is going to undergo for his lung cancer.  We met with a radiation oncologist this morning, she recommended a course of radiation, then reexamination and further treatment if needed.  One thing at a time, one day at a time.  It’s to be started May 23, a week from today.  As someone who thrives on taking action, I think it will feel good just to start carrying out a treatment plan.

I’m definitely going to start the Slippery Socks from Knitty.  It’s written for dpns but I think I’ll try it on magic loop.  ML has really got me spoiled, it’s just easier for me to handle a long circ than to wrangle 5 dpns.  Here’s the link:

Here’s the intended yarn –

Jitterbug Ruby Saffron 100% superwash merino

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The one where I learn

something special about today:  It’s the Persian New Year; Happy New Year everyone!  Dr. B, a dentist where I work, hands out $2 bills on the New Year, for good luck.  You save them for good luck throughout the year.  Interesting, huh?

My new sock project is decided upon and I have now moved on to the yarn decision.  It’s so hard to choose between yarns, kind of like trying to choose between your kids.  Each one has something special to offer, I think.  It’s Coupling, from Knitty Summer 07 issue.

Here’s what I decided yarn-wise


Jitterbug Paint Box.  I think it will be perfect.  I wonder how it’s going to stripe up?

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The one where the day gets

away from her.  I’ve been fooling around getting pictures loaded onto Flickr, culling out, deciding what needs to go where and all that stuff, but what I really want to do tonight is show and tell my newest yarn acquisitions.  Look!  This is Colinette Jitterbug, colorway Ruby Saffron, #92, 400 yd., 150 g.

Next up is Colinette Jitterbug, colorway paintbox, #152, 400 yd., 150 g.

When I went into Yarn Mart today, Cindy was sweet enough to give me a preview of the new Jitterbug and of course, since self control is not part of my personality, these two came home with me.  They’re having an anniversary sale tomorrow and I have my eye on some Shibui.  Gotta love Cindy and YM, they rock!

I have more goodies to share, but they’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  I’m up past my bedtime.  Yawn.

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