Through the phone


I’ve gotten into the habit on the weekends to take my iPhone instead of my iPod on my walks and have been taking pictures of things that grab my attention. I’ve learned that what catches my attention are more patterns and colors and not entire images.  Example:  On my Saturday walk, this pine cone caught my eye, but not the whole thing, just the sort of spiral pattern on one end –

The colors of this plant, maybe some sort of ornamental cabbage?, was what first caught my eye, this was my first impression photo, one where I didn’t know that the zoom was activated; so, the pic was a total surprise when I got home and looked at it.

I went back to get another look and got the whole plant this time.  Somehow, it’s not nearly as interesting or intense as a whole.  The zoomed photo makes me think of pictures of giant clams in the ocean I’d see in National Geographic when I was a kid, with a row of eyes along the edge of their shells. Can you see them?


 I see a mosaic in this tree’s leaves.


Here’s the latest installment in Babysis, seven weeks and sooooooooo cute!  Is there anything sweeter than a new smile?


A laugh is a smile that bursts.  Mary H. Waldrip






So I saw this bracelet in a catalog


So, I saw this bracelet in a catalog (one of about a jillion that I get) months ago and fell in love with it right away.   What I didn’t fall in love with was the price tag, $88.00 but I kept looking at it, checking to see if it had gone on sale, looking at it some more, then more checking and more looking.  Finally, last week, as I was doing more looking, one of the little voices in my head (yes, I have a committee in my head) said, “You could totally make that, you know”.  So I set about doing just that.  I’ve been playing around with jewelry making and experimenting with different things, I had a spool of waxed linen cording and little silver beads that didn’t work for another project and this is what happened:

 This one’s mine                                                                                     This one’s theirs


 Pretty good for a total investment of about five bucks and thirty minutes, wouldn’t you say?  And it fits perfectly (I have very skinny wrists).  I did good, in my never to be humble opinion.


Babydiva’s baptism is scheduled for Saturday, so we tried the family baptistmal gown on her Saturday and I’m happy to report that it’s a perfect fit; the bonnet not so much.  She’s the fourth baby to wear it.  OK, technically, she’s the third since her dad, Babydaddy, couldn’t squeeze into it when he was her age.  But, he did have it on for a minute or so, so I’m counting that as a wearing.  If I remember correctly, he was very, very bad tempered about trying it on, too.  Isn’t she a beauty??


Babydiva AKA Harper


Am reading American Passage , a history of Ellis Island, which has always fascinated me and on my Nook, Killer Photos with Your iPhone.  I’ve pretty much quit using anything but my phone to take pictures, this book has already taught me a lot, both how to set up a good photo and how to use my iPhone and its features to make pictures.  Hopefully my pics will improve the more I learn.  I’m ashamed to admit that I had to ask Mr. Iknead what kind of phone I have, 3G? 3GS?  It’s a 4.  Learn something new every day.

Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade.  It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.  Abbie Hoffman


Back Home


The Maidenhair Fern socks have been reborn as Nicole Hindes’ Nine-To-Five Socks.  This picture is not the best, the stitch detail isn’t great, but tomorrow I’ll take the WIP sock outside, the lighting will be a million times better that it is at 8:35 p.m. in my bedroom.  I’m using size one circulars and am much happier with a tighter stitch and overall smaller size.

A better picture tomorrow, I promise.


I can’t believe that I spent an entire hour trying to figure out why pictures taken from my iPhone are on their sides when I e-mail them or try to post them.  Also, I can’t believe that the solution to that  problem is to turn the phone on its side horizontally first, then take the picture.  Duh.  Occam’s Razor once again proves correct: “when you have two competing theories that make exactly the same predictions, the simpler one is the better”, also known as Keep It Simple.


As much fun as the Girl Power 2012 get-together was, I was so happy to get home to Mr. Iknead and JosiePug yesterday.  A great time was had by all but when the Papoose (usually so happy-go-lucky and go with the flow) had three meltdowns in ten minutes, I knew it was time to pack it up and take it back on the road to Little Rock.  We rolled back into LR about 5 p.m.; Babydiva needed a bottle STAT and thankfully, we had called ahead and Babydaddy had one waiting.  Babydiva was getting ready to more than live up to her name by the time we got home.  Hell hath no fury and all that.

It is necessary for us to learn from others’ mistakes.  You will not live long enough to make them all yourself.  Hyman George Rickover