Welcome Mr. M!


Say hi to McPhee, the newest addition to the iknead family.  We adopted him from our local humane society and brought him home yesterday.  He’s fitting right in with us, he’s understandably nervous and cautious, but is getting more and more comfortable all the time.  Look how handsome he is!


Happy boy!

I can only describe his reaction to being petted and loved on as ecstatic.  His purr can be heard from across the room, he snuggles as close as possible and starts kneading.  Mr. Iknead and I were awakened early – like 4 a.m. early – by loud purring and head butts.  He was so happy to be petted and loved, we couldn’t fuss at him for waking us up.  He and Josie are still in the assessment stage, with hisses and growls if she gets too close or too nosy, but, this, too is getting to be less intense and more half hearted.  It’s great to have a kitty in the house again!

There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.  Alexander Woollcott