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Hoosier Facelift

I’ve been very neglectful this past week of just about everything while dismantling, cleaning, painting and reassembling this old hoosier cabinet –

I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the colors Henrietta on doors and drawers and Emile on the rest.  Oh, and see those yucky brownish hinges?  Those are the original hinges, I couldn’t find any new ones that fit.  Those old hinges?  That’s what color the whole thing was before the new paint job. Gross.  This is my workspace and storage for my pottery.

After the cabinet was squared away I was able to think about clay again and finally ran a glaze kiln today.  Here’s a first look –

Way too hot to get close, but they look like a success so far!

Be sure to look for these in my Etsy shop, ClayDreamsPottery!

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Everything Else

Well, It Held Together


Quite a while ago, think years, I came into possession of an old Hoosier cabinet which was just sort of pushed back against the wall and forgotten about. When I decided to set up my studio and started cleaning, guess what I found!!!!  That’s right, the old Hoosier came out of hiding.  It was a bit dirtier than before – it’s been in the garage after all and the evidence of a failed attempt to antique it was still there.  Whoever painted it painted EVERYTHING, the hinges, the latches, everything within reach.  Anyhow, I’ve decided to clean it up, repaint it and use it in my studio.  It has at least 50 years of grime built up – seriously – that has to go before I can start it on it’s road to recovery.  First things first…..knock as much gunk off as I can.  So, out comes the pressure washer, off come the doors, out come the drawers and off come what looks like 20 years of kitchen grease and grime.  Yay!  My biggest fear that it would explode into a million toothpicks didn’t happen.  Everything withstood the pressure washing with no problem.   Great – half the first step – done.  One more wash with a bit of Mean Green detergent should do the trick and I’ll be on to the second step – paint – soon.

Here’s a before photo –

Sorry for the bad focus,  but you can see the shape it’s in. Yuck!

After first pressure wash.


This week I threw a couple test batter bowls, one of which I promptly broke off the handle, I tried something new I saw in  Pottery Making Illustrated, Throwing in Two Parts and threw a sweet little rounded pitcher.


I threw a flashlight!!🔦🤨


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The one where she wonders

when bad manners totally fell by the wayside and rudeness took over?  Have the people who influence the next generation completely given up and walked away from the opportunity to make changes in society from the ground up?  Here’s what set me off –

My cell phone rings, I can’t get to it fast enough to answer, but I don’t recognize the number, so it’s immediately off my mental radar.  A few minutes later, it rings again, from the same number and this is what I hear, “Who’s this?”  OK, admittedly this is a pet peeve of mine, so I ask back “Who’s this?  You called me”.  Pause on their end, and again, “Who’s this?”  Again, from me, in firmer voice, “Who’s this?  You called me”.  Another long pause and a hang up.  No call back, maybe they looked up the number.  In the grand scheme of things, this is decidedly not a big deal, but would it kill us (me included) to be a little gentler with each other?  While we’re on sort of the same subject, can someone please tell me when the word bitch became a term of endearment?  Alrighty then (mentally brushing myself off).

I finally got started cleaning the hoosier cabinet that’s been living in my garage for what seems like an age.  Guess what?  The color I totally thought it was, sort of a goldy-antiquey-brownish is just years of cooking grease and just plain old dirt.  It’s really a nice cream color underneath.  Here’s a look


Yuk.  It’s going to take a lot of Krud Kutter and elbow grease but it’ll happen.  It’ll take some time, but it’ll happen.

What worries you masters you.  Haddon W. Robinson