WIP Wednesday 8/7/13


The first Hermione’s Everyday Sock is finished and the second has been cast on and a few rounds worked.  I’m still really liking this wool-free sock yarn.


Browsing Hobby Lobby a few days ago, I ran across this pack of fat eighths and fell in love with its pinky brown colors.  I really haven’t made up my mind what to do with it but I’m leaning toward a quilted wall hanging for the dining room.  But, me being the slightly ADD person I am, this could change at any moment.  Right now, though, it’s spread on the dining table and I’m pretty content to visit it, swap things around and generally admire it.  Any suggestions for a really easy quilt pattern for a novice sewer and quilter?

I’m linking up with Tami and Frontier Dreams this WIP Wednesday, go and give them the once over, or twice over, or thirds.  You’ll be inspired!

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Update, Ta-Dah and You Be The Judge


Much improved this morning, still limping, not putting much weight on that right back leg, but her appetite is back (no surprise there) and she is much perkier.  Still on doggy bedrest and I think she’s loving every minute.  We’re just happy she’s feeling better.


My first ever sewing project working from a real, live pattern, McCall’s 4400.

Working from a real pattern was very intimidating.  It seemed to be written in a different language, with symbols, arrows, lines, dotted lines and I almost got scared off, but I reminded myself how knitting was the same way at first and how comfortable I am with it now.  I’m very proud of my first sewing FO.


Mr. Iknead’s Wise Hilda Basic Ribbed Socks, which he was kind enough to model for a photo.

Fashion Forward or Fashion Victim? – You Be The Judge


Hermione’s Everyday Socks, for yours truly

This is more of Premier Yarns Wool Free Sock, the color is Vegas Lights.  People are going to see me from a long way away with these.  I love the colors – sort of like a party on my needles!  Just between friends, I was getting really tired of blue/gray/black.  No offense Wise Hilda’s socks, I just needed a change.

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