WIP Wednesday and HBD To You


Leading off is the Karma sweater, which I’ve made progress on even since taking this photo.  One sleeve is finished, left to do is the other sleeve and a bit of stockinette around the neckline to make is roll even more –

This sweater has been a joy to knit!

Next up – A huge granny square using leftover sock yarn, with no particular effort to match yarn color or even coordination.  I’m calling it Granny’s Grab Bag Blanket.

On third base – Crocus Vernus Socks, with heel flap begun, from The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet:

You’ll just have to trust me regarding the heel flap.

Last up is another granny square, trying to coordinate colors this time, that may end up as a scarf.  Who knows?


Tell me this is not the cutest baby ever!  The Sprout being her lovely self –

Today is a special day in Pawpaw and BeBe World – The Papoose turns three today!  Look how much she’s grown!

Hot off the presses!

Three years later….

Happy Birthday, Papoose!

I’m linking up, as usual, with Tami Ami’s WIP Wednesday blog.  Come check it out!

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