All Feely and Stuff


I feel like such a green living, socially conscious yuppie, what with Mr. Iknead’s new, greener vehicle and our trip to the Good Earth Garden Center today, which seems to have gotten its hooks in us, making us want to visit and then buy all the things, from birdbaths to exotic (to us) plants we can’t even name to huge statues of Bigfoot, which I wish I’d snapped a picture of on this particular visit.  Good Earth has become our destination of choice lately, even on the coldest winter days, just so we could stroll through the hothouses and daydream about spring.  Who would have thunk it, us, people who a year or so ago ran the other way when yardwork was even mentioned?  Who knew we were closet green thumbs?  Not me, for sure.

I bought some succulents to go in the terrarium I plan to do today, a forsythia and something called a Lenten Rose, with lovely pinkish blooms.  I think the honeybee that was visiting its flowers put me up to buying it.  I tried to get a picture of the bee in the blooms, but no go.  I got a picture anyway.


Here’s a look at my newest terrarium:

By the way, I’ve become a fan of Snapguide for how-tos.  I really like its pared down and to the point instructions, and the way it tells me only what I need to know, without a lot of what I call “instruction clutter” – confusingly wordy or hard to understand directions.  Can you gather that patience is not something I have in abundance?

The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.  James Oppenheim