Girl Power 2012

Just a quick post while the other girls are napping. Babymama, Babydiva and I just got in from a little shopping up on the square. Naturally, I ducked into Handheld and fed my addiction with some Araucania Huasco. It’s lovely and I’m thinking Wingspan shawl.

Are wonderful as always. The Papoose and Babydiva adore each other and we’ve got some really sweet pictures. Won’t even try to post them until I’m back in Little Rock.

I think it’s to be catfish but that could change at any moment. Anything but fast food.


There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire everybody in the company, from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. Sam Walton



The one where I finished

one of the best books I’ve listened to in a long time:  Dark Places, byGillian Flynn.  It kept me guessing until the very end.  I’m totally addicted to audiobooks, it goes along with my issues of always multi-tasking, but as much as I love them, sometimes I want to feel the weight of a book in my hands and smell the paper and ink.  I’ll probably always be a little old school for books, always on the lookout for odds and ends, my current favorite bookstore is Dickson Street Used Books in Fayetteville.  Can’t make a trip to the ‘ville without dropping by Dickson Street at least once.

I’ve had a challenge the past few weeks keeping up with my blog resolution.  Suffice it to say that that particular goal has fallen by the wayside.  Now I’m happy if I can get one entry posted every few days.  I’ve been running to and from my parents’ house, a three hour drive away, trying to tie up loose ends and just being there for my folks, making sure they’re (somewhat) OK.  All that, coupled with no internet access down in the wilds of southwest Arkansas, has my blogging on the back burner.  Sigh…..

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.  John A. Shedd (1859-1928)



The one where the weather

just seems to be getting worse and worse.  Talked to DD about an hour ago and she’s been frantically moving stuff upstairs, there’s at least a foot of water outside in her neighborhood.  DSIL is home and safe, but couldn’t get to their driveway to park and had to wade through knee high water to get to the house.

About four hours later:

The weather here in Little Rock has turned really, really nasty.  We’ve had a couple of tornadoes in the central Arkansas area.  Pictures and damage reports have started coming in.  Thankfully, we haven’t lost our electricity at our house but the latest count is about 53,500 customers are without power in Pulaski county.  I’ve been sending and receiving texts all evening.  All present and accounted for.

DD checked in, rain has let up some and water is receding so that’s good news.  Jeez, these last couple of weeks have been something else weatherwise.

Another Easter with the Papoose picture

She is not amused.
Never regret.  If it’s good, it’s wonderful.  If it’s bad, it’s experience.  Victoria Holt

The one where the weather

in Fayetteville has turned ugly for the nth time this week.  We got here about 4:30 p.m. and the sun was out.  It’s now 8:30ish and it’s been one line of thunderstorms after another for the last couple of hours.

No picture this post.  Get one in tomorrow.

Been a rough week, glad we’re in Fayetteville with family tonight.  May have to visit Handheld tomorrow.  I feel a wool jones coming on.

For NASA, space is still a high priority.  Dan Quayle (1947-    )



The one where the Brittany

Jumper is cast on ONE LAST TIME.  I mean it.  This is the absolute last time.  If I’m unsuccessful,  I’m going to chalk it up to the knitting gods, who obviously don’t want me to knit this and move on.  I mean, there are countless yarns and projects that I could be knitting, why do I keep beating my head against this particular wall?

The wireless is working again.  Poor Mr. Iknead worked so hard yesterday to get it back up and running; his patience outshines mine pretty much all the time, but I could tell yesterday evening that even his patience was wearing thin.  Hats off to you sweetie.

Here’s the obligatory photo, but the subject is anything but.

On Friday, we’re heading north to Fayetteville for Miss Susannah’s first Easter.  I need me some Susannah love and chocolate bunnies.  Mmmmmm..

I baked a new cake recipe yesterday, devil’s food with a macaroon filling and coconut frosting.  Tastes just like an Almond Joy.  Ugly as homemade sin, but really good.

Luck is like having a rice dumpling fly into your mouth.  Japanese proverb



The one where 2KCBWDAY4 asks

where are they now?

The Pinafore Dress is in Fayetteville, AR with Susannah

These socks live in my sock drawer here in Little Rock


So do these

These are my newest FO, Catnip Socks, they’re waiting for a nice bath and block, will then join the others in my sock drawer.

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.  Georg Wilhelm



The one where she’s grateful

that she decided at the last minute to just work a half day instead of a whole day, so we left Little Rock around 2:30 p.m., getting to Fayetteville about 5:30 p.m.  Much better than leaving LR at 5:30 p.m. and getting to Fayetteville who knows when.  Glad to be here, glad to see the kids.

Here’s a pic of Josie Pug, the Queen Bee, with her “We are not amused” face.  No baking today, but worked on the Celebration Socks in the car, ready to turn the heel.

Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.  Christopher Morley (1890-1957)



The one where she gets way too

excited when she finds out that her Fayetteville LYS still has some Cottontail yarn in stock and will hold it.  Same color number, same lot number, same everything.  Now I can sit back and enjoy the Minnowknits Pinafore Dress that is slowly growing on the needles.  I hate to worry about whether I’ve purchased enough yarn to finish a project.  Actually, for this reason, I usually buy at least one extra skein, just to make sure.  Of course, this makes my stash grow by leaps and bounds, since usually the pattern calculations are pretty accurate, but, as we all know, a stash can never be too big!  See how it’s growing?

In honor of Valentine’s Day

Love flies, runs and rejoices; it is free and nothing can hold it back.  Thomas a Kempis (1380-1471



The one where she heaves

a huge sigh of relief at being back at home, in her own bed and in her own kitchen.  Visiting the Papoose and family is always a treat, but I’m a homebody at heart and besides that, I miss my dog, Josie.  I don’t think I’ve posted her, so here she is –

Precious, spoiled Pug baby. 

Gossip is the art of saying nothing in a way that leaves practically nothing unsaid.  Walter Winchell (1897-1972)