FO Friday 11/22/13, It’s Here!!


Hitchhiker is finished!  This one is, at least.  I started another one about a month ago, which is coming along, though slowly.  Sorry for the pics, it’s rainy today and Mr. Iknead and I are having new siding put on the house, which means that where I usually take pictures is overrun with sawhorses, siding, ladders and construction type guys hammering and sawing.

Here, you can see the subtle color variations.

Just barely fitting into the frame.


A brand spanking new Baby Brother Drum Carder!

I love it!

I’m linking with Tami and Frontier Dreams today, they’re my Inspiration Central.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.  Peter Drucker



Guess What Day It Is!, No Excuse and Read This Book


What day it is!” says the hysterically funny camel on the commercial.  Never get tired of that one, makes me giggle every time.  No camels here, promise.  Today is the scheduled delivery day for this – my newest knitting acquisition:

A Baby Brother drum carder.  So, once again, I’m running a marathon between my front door and my knitting chair, jumping up and checking every time I hear or even think I hear a big truck in my neighborhood.  Can you tell I’m excited?

Much as I love spinning, I hate hand carding, prompting this newest purchase.  I still have a TON of alpaca from the Diamond State Fiber Fest that’s clean and ready to card and eventually, to spin.  Come on, mailman/Fedex man/UPS man!  Stop at my house!!!!


I knew it had been a while since my last post, six days, in fact and besides just laziness when I’m not caught up in regular daily stuff, I have no excuse.  For some reason, blogging just hasn’t been on my radar lately.  I think about doing it all the time, even jot down blog ideas, but for the past week or so, that’s as far as it’s gone.  (Gives herself a good talking to about idle hands being the devil’s workshop and all that).


Best book I’ve read since I don’t know when:  The World’s Strongest Librarian.  Seriously.  Awesome. Book.   Run, don’t walk to wherever you get books and give it a preview.  I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me. (No joke).


Babydiva letting Babydaddy share the stage –

A rare moment of stillness.  Is she beautiful or what?

If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.  Napoleon Hill