I’ve been sort of hit or miss with blogging these past few weeks, and I’ve missed sitting down and putting my thoughts in order and then onto paper or into my iPad.  I’ve been too busy painting or drawing (these are new things for me) or reading or knitting or baking or gardening or art journaling or throwing pots or grandmothering or any of the other things that grab my interest.  Here’s the perfect description for what I’m blessed with – an embarrassment of riches.  According to (all-knowing) Wiki, an embarrassment of riches is an idiom that means an overabundance of something, or too much of a good thing.  All these things do more than keep me occupied – they feed my soul, I guess you could say I have an embarrassment of blessings.  With all the above said, I think what I really mean is “Thanks, God, for everything”.

Now, moving along…


A pair of Los Manos Locos or Crazy Monkey Socks, a twist on Cookie A’s awesome Monkey Socks, toe up and purl-less.

This colorway is called Java Jive and I’m loving how it’s knitting up.  You can find out more about this yarn here.

The least of things with a meaning is worth more in life than the greatest of things without it.  Carl Jung





A Brisket, A Tasket


At last week’s grocery store outing, on a whim I decided to try out a precooked smoked brisket, one of those that just has to be heated, and I’m here to tell you, it. was. awesome.  Yeah, this is definitely on the Coleman Kitchen Hit Parade.  I’ve been making sandwiches for work all week and it’s so good!  I wish I’d tried it sooner, and it doesn’t get much easier than this.


The fam descended upon Stuttgart on Saturday and the Papoose was so proud to show off her new big girl bed and her newfound (sometimes) potty skills.  I especially like that she can inspect her toes and potty at the same time.  A born multitasker just like her bebe.



More toe action.


Babydiva has just discovered her feet and toes.


I’m still plugging along on the Crazy Monkeys, with one sock complete and about 1/3 of the way finished on its mate.   I caved and went to my lys and splurged on  some new yarn, enough for my newest, soon to be started project, Bauble, a First Fall Surprise from Knitty. Two skeins gray and totally out of character for me, two skeins of an orangy, makes you think of Thanksgiving, brown and gold mix.  Now, I don’t like orange, I don’t wear orange, I look like I have jaundice when I wear orange, but all the same, it called to me and I marched up to the counter with two skeins of it, deciding to think out of the box a little when it comes to color.  I’ll get pictures tonight. 

Here are the photos I promised –


Told you it was orange


Colorways and dye lots are posted on Flickr in my notebook.

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.  John Kenneth Galbraith






Still slogging through Steve Jobs, finishing it come hell or high water.  It’s been a very long listen, I think I’m just ready for something new.  Before I started the Jobs book, I reread King’s Dark Tower series and like always, I’m mesmerized by the story.  Maybe I’m just having a problem switching from fiction to nonfiction.