Tiny Dancer, Pacy Covet and New Project Excitement


on seeing a naked two and a half year old ballerina stopping mid pirouette to potty, you’ve truly missed out on the highest form of funny cuteness. That’s right friends, the Papoose is in the midst of potty training and I think it might have clicked yesterday. Then, just when our giggles were starting to slow, she ran into the bathroom to flush – her potty chair is in the den, getting us going all over again. Thanks to the wonders of the digital age, it’s all on video. If you’re wondering why her potty’s in the den, you need to know that potty training at this stage is more about timing and convenience and less about location. What’s true in real estate, location, location, location ain’t necessarily so in potty training.


Way way invested in Robert Massie‘s biography, Catherine the Great. I’m just right at her arranged marriage to 17 year old Peter of Holstein. I’ve mentioned my fascination with the Russian imperial family before and finished Nicholas and Alexandra a little bit ago. Loved it and am loving CTG just as much.


on the needles is Olivia Petit, a sweater I blogged about in How Come.  I got the yarn ordered this morning (13 skeins) and am anxious to see it in person and start gauging.  After a little more thought over the past few days, I think I’m going to scale back my grand plans just a little and just go for a Easter sweater for the Sprout, I’ve not knitted anything for this poor babe.  I guess that comes from being #3 in the grandbaby line up, so I’m giving her first dibs.  Check my blog post How Come? to see the project picture.  It’s the cutest thing!


the much coveted monkey pacifier that the Sprout got as a baby gift.  It is really, really cute, a pacifier with a soft, floppy monkey (think Beanie Baby) attached, making it easy for little hands to hang on to.  Well, let me tell you, this monkey pacy is much admired and coveted within the Coleman/Vaughan circle of grands and is fair game if it gets dropped or somehow laid aside and forgotten.  See what I mean?

From the Sprout

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A word to the wise – if you come across one of these pacies, buy multiples!

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