WIP Wednesday, Booklove and Paisley


My Cable and Pleat Tunic is once again on the needles, after starting and then frogging three times.  I’m hoping that this attempt is THE one and I’ll finally see real progress.


I decided to I needed some kind of jar or pot to store the assorted brushes, pencils and markers that are accumulating quickly on my craft table.  I love paisley- bet you didn’t know that about me- and decided to experiment with some paisley shapes and a straight sided glass jar.  It’s not finished, I plan to cover the jar completely with paisley and then outline to make them stand out.  Here’s what I have so far-


Yeah, I can see that outlining them is going to be a must to delineate the paisley shapes.


I just finished Maeve Binchy’s A Week in Winter yesterday and it was OK.  I enjoyed it, but probably won’t pick it up to read again.  Admittedly, it was a departure for me, I generally go for nonfiction or horror or crime novels.  Still, I liked it enough to finish it.


This morning was the first time I’ve been able to enjoy my coffee and newspaper on the patio.  Birdsong and cool breezes, coffee and newspaper=perfect place to spend the morning.  Crazy good.

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Pottery, Sad and a Table


My least favorite thing about throwing pots is the glazing, mostly, I think, because glazing is something that cannot be rushed if you want a good result.  With me, it’s sort of a chicken and egg thing: am I not good at it because I don’t enjoy it or do I not enjoy it because I’m not good at it?  Anyway, a few weeks ago I got busy at the glaze table and these pots are the result.  For the first time, I’m actually happy with how they turned out.  I took my time on this bunch and it paid off,  I know I was more thoughtful and patient, thinking out the process with regard to colors and how I wanted each piece to look when finished.




Sadly, the Cable and Pleat Tunic is not going well.  I frogged it for about the third time last night when I just couldn’t get the stitch count to jibe.  After frogging, I put it away until this morning, when I was much fresher and in a much better mood.  Come to find out, I had miscounted way back in the casting on, with 38 extra stitches.  No wonder it didn’t work!  I’m getting ready to cast on again; wish me luck!


I thought I’d give you a look where all some of my crafty stuff hangs out.  I console myself with the quote, “Creative minds are rarely tidy.”  Mr. Iknead avoids this room like the plague, but I like being able to see my stuff.  I have a feeling that our housekeeper is going to hyperventilate when she gets a look.  A warning sign on the door might be in order.

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Good to Go, Rain Rain Go Away


I received the yarn for my My Harmonica Shrug yesterday, but in spite of my best intentions, it didn’t get finished.  Today is another day, though, it could transform from WIP into a FO; technically, the day’s not over until midnight, right?  I frogged the Cable and Pleat Tunic and restarted this time without the twist.  That’s what distracted me from My Harmonica.  I promised Harmonica that I absolutely, positively will not work on any other project until it’s finished.  Yes, I talk to my knitting all the time, most of the time nicely, but there have been moments….


The good news is that the patio is finished and we’ve purchased a table, an umbrella and four great chairs to go with it.  We’ve also gotten most of the plants in the ground and so far, they all seem to be doing well.  We have a couple of different begonias, impatiens, lamb’s ear, butterfly bush and coral bells in the flower bed, with just a couple more to plant, a redbud that a friend gave me and an oakleaf hydrangea from another friend.  The bad news is that it has rained for the last three days, so all the lovely furniture we’re so anxious to use is sitting in the garage, waiting for the sun to come out.  When I checked the forecast this morning, it said rain and thunder showers continuing through Sunday.  Crap. I hope it’s wrong.  The other bad news is that Mr. Iknead’s back went out yesterday, due, I’m sure, to all the stooping, squatting and lifting he’s done over the past week or so.  He had a rough afternoon yesterday, I hope he’s better today.  Poor thing.


The newest Yarnbox arrived earlier in the week and here’s what it contained – Two skeins of Fingerpaints Supersock Self Striping from Cherry Tree Hill Yarn, 100% superwash merino, in Java Jive.  I have only three words – It. Feels. Amazing.

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.  Chinese Proverb





While I’m waiting for the yarn to arrive to complete the My Harmonica Shrug, I decided to go ahead and start this.  I had the yarn, I had the needles, I had the pattern and I even did a gauge swatch.  The pattern starts out CO 338 stitches.  Place marker and join in the round.  Knit five rounds, purl one round.  It’s working, everything looks to be fine, right stitch count, etc.  I don’t have to tell you how many stitches are in six rounds of 338.  Anyway, as I’m putting this new project to bed (I try to sort things out a little, make sure I know where to start when I next pick it up, looking for dropped stitches, just making sure I have no nasty surprises the next day, stuff like that).  Anyhow, (you fiber artists already know what I’m going to say next, don’t you?) I saw that it was twisted.  Oh no, please no!!!!!! Yeah, twisted.  At 11 p.m., I frogged what I’d knitted and started casting those 338 stitches on, again.  Maybe my Fyberspates will arrive today, sigh.  Here’s what it looked like before frogging –

See the gauge swatch?

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.  Leo Tolstoy