It’s so quiet!


We had the Papoose from Friday morning until Sunday evening this past weekend and now that it’s just us again, it’s so quiet, it’s “I can hear Josie snoring two rooms away” quiet.  As always, Susannah was a joy, happy, a great napper/sleeper, a good eater and ready for anything.  She kept us on our toes sure enough and I laughed myself into a set of sore ribs.  What’s better than that?  She got a mani-pedi –

Susie with her mani-pedi

and Papa brushed up on his coloring skills –


What’s not to like?  Right?  Papa does have an odd fixation about staying inside the lines, but Susie and I are working on that and he’s coming along nicely.


Cooler temps over the weekend meant doing some real cooking – I made a beef stew on Friday and Crockpot Burritos on Saturday.  The burritos especially were a winner.  Babydiva, Babydaddy and Babymama came over Sunday after church and helped us eat the leftovers.  Even better then second day!  I’d hoped to bake bread over the weekend but that clearly was a little overly optimistic timewise.  Maybe next weekend.  It’s on the list.

I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble.  Helen Keller